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December 23- It is really pathetic how long it's been since I last updated! WOW! Well, I'm back now and I plan to make this page better than it ever was. I've noticed that the message board and a few others things aren't working like they should be. I think this is due to some major problems at BytesCenter, which means I may have to get my resources elsewhere.
Anyway, I'm updating soon. I'm going out to look for all of the new C2 things today and they should be up soon. My computer's been in the shop and I've been moving, so that's why there haven't been any updates. I was going to close until I got a wonderful e-mail from a fan, who inspired me to continue. Everything will be great. Any ideas, E-mail me.

September 27- I finally updated! I added lots of new norns, one new breed, on norn in the hospital, and I gave credit to a cob maker. School's keeping me busy, so there will be time between updates. If you have anything you'd like to submit, or some suggestions, just tell me

August 27- Today I got more norns from my visitors. I also got some pictures, so you can see what you are getting. I have 7 new breeds/genomes in the norn section. They all came from Uninorn's page. I have a new Mailing List, just about Creatures 2. Check it out at Onelist and look for Creatures2_

August 26- Today some visitors actually sent me some norns!!! Check them out! The pictures will be up soon because they weren't e-mail correctly.

I didn't get to play Creatures 2 a few days ago because I had to unexpectedly babysit (but I got $20). I did put up some new norns though. Also, today I will be searching for new cobs, breeds, and genomes.

August 23- Today I added a few new genomes/breeds. The Carbo Norns, the Rocky Norns, and the Washu V3 Norns. Check 'em out on the Adoption page.

I haven't been able to play Creatures lately 'cause my parents are getting a divorce and the computer with the game is at the other house. I will be playing tonight though and will hopefully have some more new stuff for you soon.

August 14- Today I added a link in the links section to Norn City and I fixed a few things on my other pages. If you have anything that you think I should change or add, tell me! I also added a new poll so I can find out about my site and what you think. It will change ever so often, so check back. It'll always be right there, above the updates, rather than take up any more space on the front page.

I also joined a few more webrings to try and get my site out to people. Check out the Free Stuff page to see what I added there.

August 8- Today I received ANOTHER award! It's unbelievable how many I've gotten on my first week and a half open! It's the Moon Award (don't ask me what that's suppose to mean...)

I've also updated the Adoption links, because I few weren't working correctly.

August 7- Today I received another site award. Check it out. Also, the message board and possibly the forms aren't working, but I'm trying to fix them. If you use a form and I don't get back to you within a day, e-mail me.

August 6- Today I won 2 more site awards!! The Medusa site award and the Awesome Site award. Check 'em out! I also added a few new links and am currently searching for new cobs and new worlds. If you know of any, please e-mail me and don't forget to send in sick creatures for the Hospital

For most of the day today, the message board and forms are down, but they should be up again soon

August 5- Today I received 2 new awards, although one award's picture isn't working, so I didn't put it up yet.

I also added a new page, the Hospital, where you can download sick, diseased, norns, or norns with disorders. If you have a norn you'd like to send to the hospital, e-mail me

Please check out the new store It is a great place to find anything you want, creatures related or not

August 4- Today I added a new link. Millenium Creatures If you have any ideas of what to add to the page, please e-mail me!

August 3- Today I got my second award from Chinsoh's Albian Temple II! Check it out at the Awards page.

Creatures 2 Obsession was added to the links section. Also, I added 3 new breeds of creatures to the norns section. The Element Norns, which live in an area designated to their element (earth, air, fire, water). The Gogi and Earthy norns grow faster, breed quicker, and live better than others. Also, I added Rosaline, a genetically engineered norn that lives extremely long, grows fast, and breeds EXTREMELY FAST!

Augsut 2- Chinsoh's Albian Temple II has won the July Site Award for Overall Best Creatures Site. This is a great site that has cobs, links, and much more. It all has a wonderful theme of a Temple and Temple areas.

I also added a few links today. Please send in creatures, so I can put them in the adoption page. Thanks

July 31- My first award!! Yeah! Check out the awards site.

Please go to the form page to SUBMIT YOUR SITE TO THE LINKS SECTION, ENTER YOUR SITE IN THE CONTEST, SEND GENERAL QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, OR SUGGESTION, and/or REPORT A BROKEN OR DEAD LINK. July 30- Before I forget, I added a new page today. The Free Stuff page. This page is small now, but will grow. Anyway, it has nothing to do with Creatures 2, but I thought my visitors deserved something extra, so you can get wallpaper (a new one each week), get wallpaper services for your webpages, play trivia games, etc. Soon (hopefully within the next few days), there will be more free things and contest giveaways. Now, for the Creatures 2 related updates:

First time updating since February, so I've decided to basically start all over. I added three new norns. Actually, breeds. In the adoption center you will find the Canny Norns, a new breed that is much more advanced than the originals. Also, there are the Gill Norns, underwater norns, that live there from birth, and Socrates, a norn that'll do anything if fed and happy.

I also added a few new cobs and utilities. You should find the utilities very useful.

Hopefully, since I have updated, put in some wonderful meta tags, and submited to search engines, more people will visit, and help with my Wolfling/Feral Run project, which is still going (or waiting to be started actually).

If you would like to nominate your site for an award (Overall best Creatures Site of the Month, Newest Creatures Site, and/or Most Helpful Creatures Site of the Month), please fill out the form on the Information Page (don't ask why it's there!)

I have also added a message board, where you can talk with other Creautres 2 players about the game and other sites (like new ones). This was one major updating day! You can easily enter the site awards contest, submit your site to the links page, tell a friend about the site, and join the mailing list with easy-to-use forms that I just made.


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