Travel Agency

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"Come in...Come in!" says a voice as you reach for the door knob. You open the door and find a Grendel sitting behind a desk, staring at a computer. "Welcome to the Travel Agency. There are some pamphlets for you to look at on the table. If you have a Norn, Ettin, or Grendel that needs a vacation, look them over and tell me about your decision. To send your creature on a vacation, just e-mail me your creature as an extension. Also, once you have e-mailed it, a message will be sent to you telling you the details. If you agree with everything, just reply with "yes vacation" in the heading."

You look at the pamphlets:

South Beah Vacation:

Enviroment: The vacation is set on a desert island that has various fruits, plants, and activities. The island itself is tropical and volcanic, but the volcano has not errupted in one hundred years. The fruits and plants are not piosonous and very tasty.

Planned Activities: The Norns, Ettins, and Grendels can enjoy a variety of different activities. If you wish, you may loung around all day, but the planned activities consist of swimming in the lake, hiking up the easy, moderate, and hard trails, sailing on the inner lake, and a variety of games, and sports. For more information, e-mail the agency with the heading "vacations:1"

Stay: The creatures will stay for a week in a the best accomidations. The hotel is open and roomy with room service, dancing, pool, tennis, cable, Primestar, etc.

Please send your creatures to the agency ( ) with the heading "vacations:1" with your creature as an attachment. You will receive information about the requirments and rules and, if you agree, reply with the heading "yes vacation".

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