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My Projects

"Welcome to the projects page, where you can find information about upcoming projects and how to do your own things," reads the sign on the door. You walk into the room and look around in the dim light. As you move further in, the light gets brighter and you notice a book full of loose papers. It contains projects and information. It opens to a page entitled Feral Runs:
I am holding a Feral Run in a few weeks and I would like to get some useful creatures and cobs/utilities to use. If you would like to submit a creature or two (it would help if it was special, like eats/sleeps better, smarter, traveler, etc) please send them to me I would also appreciate any helpful teaching, food, animals, etc cobs or utilities that help keep track of the norns drives and eggs. Anything will be helpful.

I will update you on what happens during the Feral Run.

Continue downward to find out more about what feral runs are, how to do them, and what works best.

Feral Runs

What is a Feral Run?
A Feral Run is when you hatch many Creatures, of different sexes, and let them go wild in Albia. Before letting them run loose, you teach them their vocabulary and how to eat, sleep, etc. You can also add Cobs and use Utilities, such as the Egg Sitter and food vendors. Once they are taught, you let them run free, and make the hand invisible because you cannot interact with them at all. Let the game run for 1 hour to a few days and see who is left.

How did it get its name?
According to Denise Voskuil, the name Feral Run came from a post in a newsgroup entitled "Feral Norns are ready". In this post the author talked about how he had done a wolfling run, but educated the first generation. The elders taught the offspring their knowledge. "Since that time, the definition has expanded to allow the possibility of the use of a few COBs," said Voskuil.

Isn't that cruel to the Creature?
It really depends on how you look at it, but, in general, a Feral Run is not really cruel to the Creatures. First of all, in a Feral Run, the Creatures should be able to survive and, with the right Cobs, will have everything they need to do so. Also, a Feral Run will, theoretically, produce heartier offspring, which will enhance their chance of survival. A Feral Run is also less cruel than a Wolfling Run because the Creatures are Prepared.

What's the difference between a Wolfling Run and a Feral Run?
In a Wolfling Run, you let untaught Creatures of both sexes go out in the wild, with no Cobs or other forms of help. In a Feral Run, you teach that Creatures and give them Cobs to use at their disposal. This gives them a better chance to survive because they will know what the plants and animals are and will know how to eat, sleep, etc.

What is the purpose of a Feral Run?
A Feral Run's purpose is to produce healthier Creatures, that are able to take care of themselves better. Since most Creatures teach each other, once they can survive on their own, they can teach their offspring how to eat, sleep, and do the various other things on their own. The offspring should, in theory, be able to eat better, sleep better, and overall survive better.

Which one is better (Wolfling Run or Feral Run?)
Personally, I like the Feral Run more than the Wolfling Run because my Creatures have a better chance of survival. They are taught ahead of time, therefor they know what to do to survive. They also have Cobs to help them. Wolfling Runs often have a better chance of "bombing" because the Creatures don't know how to survive.

What is the best way(s) to hold a Feral Run?
Here are some steps to do a Feral Run.
1) Choose your world to use (any of your *sfc. files) There are some that you can download of the internet (to change your world, go to the Creatures directory, change World.sfc to original.sfc and then change the world that you want to use to World.sfc)
2) Find the Cobs that you want to use and enable your utilities.
3) Place the Cobs around the world, in various places.
4) Hatch your Creatures, 1 at a time, and teach them their words, actions, emotions, etc.
5) After hatching your Creatures (try 2-3 of each sex), and have taught them, let the go free.
6) Make your 'hand' invisible (the button next to the hand icons)
7) Let the world run for a good amount of time.

What are the best Cobs and/or utilities to use, if any?
There are many Cobs and Utilities to use, but I recommend that you find the Egg Sitter. This will find all paused eggs, unpause them, make sure they are above water, etc. You should also download food vendors to place around in the places that don't have much food. On the official Creatures 2 site, you can download various things, including the puffer fish, which saves drowning Creatures, various updates, some toys, etc.

What are the best Creatures to use?
The best Creatures to use are Canny Norns (available at most sites) and the new geonome from the official Creatures 2 site. The geonome makes all of your Creatures eggs hatch the more advanced version, and Canny Norns are better at surviving. There are others, but those are my favorite.

Can anyone do a Feral Run?
Anyone can host a Feral Run. All you need is the computer game and a few cobs. You can also hold a Wolfling Run. It's the same thing, except you don't add ANY Cobs and you don't teach your Creatures anything.

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