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You walk into an empty room. There are no creatures here of any kind. The only thing you see is a elevator with various button links.

Welcome to the links page, where I put the pages that I visit most often. If you'd like to submit your site to my links sections, go fill out the form Also, if you find any broken or dead links, help by filling in the easy-to-use form.

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Product News

The Lost Labratories of the Shee

Adam's Albia
This page is made by Adam, my friend. His site is great and still growing. That creature there is named after me, Kate (a.k.a Suzie). Check out his store!

ABC Creatures

Albia 2000

Help for newbies!

Norn City

Creatures 2 Obsession

Chinsoh's Albian Temple II

A Creatures Site


Millenium Cretaures

Creatures 2 Syndicate

Creatures Life Network

Stoek's Creatures 2

Creatures 2 Adoption Agency

The NORN Collective

The Norn Underground

Mike's Creatures: The Home of GEL

Main Entrance


Sharpn's Creature's Village

Creatures:My Computers Got a Brain

X-Norn's Creatures 2 World

Creature's Shack

Creatures 2 W W N

Creatures 2!!!!!

Creatures Collection!

Albia High

Adventures in Nornsitting

Where's the Cob?

Mike's Creatures Chat


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