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This is a Creatures and Creatures 2 chat. It is completely free. Feel free to use it on your page too.

JRchat currently has two rooms, though additional can be created as needed by a SysOp:

Creatures - Creatures or Creatures 2 chat, and pretty much anything related to it. Creatures RPG - I know some users like to play-act as Norns and whatnot, so I made this room especially for that purpose.


Unlike ICE chat, this chat does have operators who will, when present, keep things orderly. Go ahead and chat freely, but just remember that manners count. These are some important things you should know:
Never scroll. Scrolling is when a person types line after line of garbage, or makes extremely long lines of text which wrap around and take up several lines. Either way, the text scrolls up, making it hard for people to read. For such an offense, an op may kick or gag without warning.
Please watch the language. Most people are good about this, but it's important. Pretty much anything PG-rated is fine, but true vulgarity is another matter. Don't shout constantly. Shouting is when a user types in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
No stat questions, please. This means things like "How old are you?", "What sex?", "Where do you live?", etc. To a certain extent a question put to someone you know, or done via private message, is all right, but don't ask general "Age/sex everyone?" questions. Don't poll. Polling is a question like "If you like dogs press 1"--anything that asks a question of everyone in the room and demands a specific response. Polling is annoying beyond belief.

Commands and How to Use Them

Most of the commands are similar to the ones used in ICE, but here's the list.

Regular commands

.quit Leaves the chat. This command isn't necessary to log out.
.join Joins a room. Unlike in ICE, you cannot create your own rooms--you must join an existing room.
.me Emote (i.e., "Bob looks around.")
.msg Send private message; separate names with commas, but no spaces, for multiple messages at once.
.who [room] See the user list of a room (the current room is the default).
.whois Get information about a user.
.whereis Find a user.
.users See the complete user list.
.rooms See a list of rooms.
.roominfo [room] Get information about a room.
.unignore Ignore/unignore a user. (This is based on IP address, so you can ignore someone for good.)
.ignorelist See a list of users you are ignoring.
.isignoring Find out if someone is ignoring you. .banlist See a list of banned and kicked addresses.
.isgagged [name] Find out if you or someone else are gagged.
.keepoutlist See a list of people who are not allowed in the room.
.iplookup Shows a list of users with a given IP address.
.ignorebyip Ignores someone with a given IP address.

JR Creatures Chat


If you would like the HTML for this Chat, please e-mail me and you can use it on your page.
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