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"Oh, hello!" you hear from the corner of the room filled with books and papers. As you peer into the dusty corner, a small Etten pops up and hurries over to you. "You're here for information. You signed in? Yes, of course you did. Well, what do you want to know?" Without giving you a chance to answer, he talks on. "Well, how about the bio of the manajor? Or do you want to know the contact information? Oh, mayber you want to learn about the game and it's creators. Well, just look in those books over there. I need to get back to work."


Kate Baynard- Kate Baynard is a 14 year old girl who enjoys Creatures 2, by CyberLife, very much. Since receiving the game for Christmas of '98, she has raised generations of Norns, held Wolfling Runs, conducted research on Norn behavior, and much more. She plans to continue work on the page and with the game itself. COBs and genetics are particualarly of interest to Kate, but she needs to further her information before begining.

Along with Creatures 2, Kate is interested in creative writing, and HTML. All of these webpages were done with her basic, but expanding knowledge, of the codes. Kate is going into advanced placement English this year and Geometry.


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To send your norn on a vacation, send in a norn or cob, etc., just write tome at, with norn, vacation, or cob in the heading.

For information on the game and it's creators, go to their official website where they have links to info about the game and CyberLife.

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