Albian Zoo

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You walk into a large, damp room. Not really damp, but hazy and foggy; like a rainforest. You gaze around at all of the different plants and animals inhabiting the area. As you look around, the creature fromt he corner hobbles over to you. "Hello there. I am Hunter," says the Grendel. "This is the zoo and here you will find all of the creatures and plants known to Albia. Feel free to look around, but make sure you don't touch anything.


Spinnomosa: Likes warm desert conditions, grows all year round (except winter) in the mornings, produces flowers at night

Spikeocausius: Likes warm, desert conditions, produces flowers in springtime nights

Pear Plant: Likes temperate/sub tropical conditions, opens sepals during the day to reveal a juicy fruit. Is dormant during winter.

Gelsemium: A strange mushroom type plant that grows in very few places- the fruit is valued medicine and will not survive off the plant for very long if the conditions are not right.

Triffid Plant: This plant reproduces by sexual reproduction, and produces a single seed that sits inside a protective bubble. It is a hardy species that can survive in a wide range of climates. The fruit is good source of nutrition.

Carrot: A staple diet food for Norns and many other creatures in Albia.

Potato: Another root food source for Norns, high in startch.

Gray Mushroom Caps: found in various places around Albia, especially the swampy area between the garden and the base of the volcano. Poisonous to Norns, Ettins, and Grendels, keep them away from it.

Ant: ants are busy little workers that are known to eat both carrots and rotten fruit.

Bat: bats only come out at night and can be dangerous.

Bee: bees are relatively harmless unless disturbed, in which case, run!

Snail: not mush is known about the Albian snail, but it appears harmless

Jellyfish: the jellyfish can be highly dangerous if touched

Zanderfish: Zander fishes school together later in the year before breeding. They are very tasty to Norns.

Goldfish: Albian goldfishes have memories of only a few seconds.

Anemone: Anemones are harmless, but tend to wrap up and hide when touched or interfered with.
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