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Read About the Goddess

Read About the Goddess

My name is Jessica and I was born in the beautiful state of Colorado, but I now live in Calhoun, Georgia, with my mother and her boyfriend. I am 16, and a junior in high school. My family is rather large. I have 5 brothers and sisters scattered across the United States.

My hobbies, (besides working on the BDFC) include drawing, reading romance novels and about the Civil War, writing poetry and short stories, and watching TV. :o)

I like almost all types of music, except country and heavy rap. My favorite groups/singers include, Backstreet Boys (Kevin ;-), Mariah Carey (her new stuff), Celine Dion, Bush, Savage Garden ("To the Moon and Back"), Chumbawumba, Aalyah, Usher, the new Madonna, and I definately DON'T like Hanson, Spice Girls, and Matchbox 20. (sorry folks)

My favorite movie of all time is Titanic, but Gone With the Wind and Little Women come in pretty close. I also liked Men In Black, Contact, and a movie called Swing Kids about these guys who refuse to enlist in Hitlers army. Lots of good swing dancing. You can expect every time a TV station shows North and South, I will be watching. :)

I'm really not much to look at, but I'll try to describe myself until I scan my photo. I'm a short 4'8" (the reason for my hieght is a long story), with light brown (now it's red because I colored it) hair that comes just past my shoulders. I have blue eyes and glasses. I dress like a normal 16 year old, but I don't like to follow a lot of trends. I wear what's comfortable, but I'm definately not a slob.

There is something about me that only my close friends know, and that is that I am in a wheelchair. I have a condition called Arthrogryposis, (it took years to learn how to spell that!) and it DOES NOT effect my brain capasity, and I know some of you are probably asking that. :o) I also know you're asking how I use a computer if my hands won't allow me to type. The answer is, I type with a doll rod in my mouth. In fact, I do nearly everything with my mouth. I don't mind people asking me questions, in fact I welcome it. :o)

I will be adding some of my drawings in a few weeks. And, maybe, maybe a picture of myself, providing I find a scanner.

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