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A Letter From Brandon

A Letter From Brandon

Note: This is a letter from Brandon Douglas to all the members of the BDFC. I did not write this. Enjoy!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to say a few things to all of you. First of all I can't thankyou all enough for your support. Without you we would have no show and I never would have had this incredible opportunity to play such a great character as Andrew. I love acting and am so honored that you all recieve my work and are so supportive of it. It truly is the greatest compliment to an actor. I wish could meet each of you individualy but that would be hard seeing that we all live in various parts of the country. I do return all of my mail personally though. so please continue to send letters because the producers and the network really do take note of how much mail we get.

We just wrapped the sixth season on wed. and will be off until we hear about a pickup in May. I believe that we will get renewed, but please keep sending those letters. You all have the power to keep the show on the air. During my time off I am looking for other projects and will keep you posted when I am doing something else. I am also working on my house doing some remodeling. That keeps me very busy. I am not someone who likes to sit still.

Well I have to run but I wanted to say hi. Remember to follow your dreams!

God Bless and I love you all