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Hey everybody, Well, Nsync was on the BlockBuster Awards tonight! They were awesome and might i say, Looking good! They did an awesome performance, and for everyone who missed it, You missed a great act! Off That subject...I'm taking down the adoption feature for a while, i haven't had the time to make them... other than that! Please enjoy my page! oh yea,... If you have any links, news, or facts please.....e-mail me :o) Thanks.... and don't forget,
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*Nsync Will Be On*
* 6/18 -Walt Disney World's Summer Jam Concert (featuring NSYNC, 98 degrees, Britney Spears and Tyrese)
* 6/19 - Women's World Cup *
* 8/1 - Teen Choice Awards - oN Fox *

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Last Updated : June 16th 1999

Disclaimer :  I'm Not related and have no contact with Nsync, Their Friends, or their family!
I'm sorry... although i wish i did..... I'm Just a fan!

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