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Manny Ramirez

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Manny Ramirez is the right fielder for the Cleveland Indians. He is a hot player. I guess he is very inverted towards the media. I know that he lived in the Dominican Republic and moved to Washington Heights when he was about thirteen. He also has a son, Manny Jr. Manny likes to use Sandy Alomar's bats. He likes fashionable clothes and he likes Japan. Manny likes to raid the locker room lost and found to try to find cool stuff. He seems pretty cool from what I have been able to find about him. He has really nice teeth too. If you know anything about Manny, email me please.

Manny had a great 99 season, which added to his spectacular career. He is on his way to breaking Hack Wilson's one season RBI total of 190. Go Manny! He always does really well in playoffs (except for last year!!!!!!). This year, he has had some injuries, and the tribe isn't doing so well. I hope Manny can catch up with his old self pretty soon, the team REALLY needs him right now
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