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I haven't updated in a long time, probably because I have been so busy, oh well, not much to be missed. I bought a 1985 Honda 250 Big Red for $500.00 (August 2000) and a '83 200X (April 14 2001). In spite of the low price of the 250, it was in amazingly good shape. It is good to know people sometimes. He said he sold it cheap because he couldn't fixs the brakes (I had them working in 1 day!) I have put a wiseco flat-top piston in both of them, a new clutch, fenders, taillights, brakes and moose handguards in/on the 250, nothing else to the 200X, its a project bike. I bought the frame and fork of the 200X for $100.00 and I have to find a '86 motor for in it(yee haa 6 speed transmission)Now I have to order my plastic and stuff, I can't wait to drive that machine. Pics will be up soon.... soon as I get my father's digital camera Later Y'all

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