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Welcome to Pakistan

           From the mosaic of ancient and modern cities in the Indus valley to the remote valleys of Hunza and Chitral and the mighty towering peaks of the Great Karakoram and Hindukush, Pakistan is the  Land of extraordinary variety. It offers World's most mind bending Landscapes. It is the site of some of the earliest human settlements, Indus Valley is the home of an ancient civilization.

            The Karakoram, Himalayas & Hindukush mark the western end of the great mountain ranges of Asia in the North of Pakistan. These ranges form the greatest concentration of high Peaks on the Planet and in the valleys beneath the summits lies the Greatest expanse of Glaciers outside the Subpoler Zone. The Snows and Glaciers of the Karakoram & Hindukush are the source of an extensive network of rivers, al of which flow into the Great Indus river. Older then the mountains themselves, it is the only river to transit these mountains and formed the ancient Indus Valley civilization.

            Just south of Karakoram, above the southern bank of Indus, the NangaParbat Massive marks the western end of Great Himalaya Range.

            Pakistan is the only place in the world where three Great Mountain Ranges Meet, Mighty Karakoram, Great Himalaya and the Hindukush ranges. Pakistan has 108 Peaks above 6000m and 5 of them are above the magical number of 8000 out of total 14 in the world!

            K2 the second highest Peak in the world along with Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II makes the heart of the Karakoram, Concordia the Great throne of the Mountain Kingdom, in the remote north of Baltistan. On the southern side of Baltistan, Nanga Parbat the Killer Mountain marks the western end of Great Himalayan Range. Biafo, Hispar and Baltoro Glaciers makes the longest chain of Glaciers outside Poles in the world, descending from Concordia to the beautiful valleys of Nagar and Hunza.

            At western end of Pakistan is the famous Khaybar Pass, the legendary Gateway to the Subcontinent, on other side lies the Great city of Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, a virtual  museum of Mughal Palaces and Gardens. Pakistan's landscape offers a great variety, From rigid rocks in Makran coast, sandy deserts of Thal and Cholistan, to the plains of upper and lower Indus in Punjab and Sindh, to the upper Mountain areas. Baluchistan is the only province with Mountains, sandy deserts, and coastal area.

            Besides natural beauty, Pakistan also offers lots of historical places, traces of ancient civilizations in Taxila, Mohanjodaro, and Swat, and modern historical Forts of Lahore, Attock, Jamurd, Rohtas and many more all around Pakistan. Because Pakistan has variety of cultures and religions, one will find different architecture in different areas.

            All this makes Pakistan the most wonderful and adventurous place to visit. Visit Pakistan, And you will never be the same again!!

P A K I S T A N  Z I N D A B A D ! ! !

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