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The Snow Day Prayer
By Jenna (c) 2/2001

The following poem, "The Snow Day Prayer" is a legend among my friends. It has at least an 80% effectiveness rating -- almost everytime I recited it, the next day was a snow day (even the day after I wrote it was one). For those of you who do not have snow, snow days are the last hope for students in the winter. Who knows what the weather will bring? A snow day is an extra day off. Of course, you do have to make it up in the summer... unless you happen to be a senior like me! :)

The Snow Day Prayer

Lord God up above
Let me hear the words I love
As I sit here, this I pray:
That You will grant us a snow day

Send freezing rain and sleet and snow
So to school I cannot go
Let it pile ever deeper
As I tend to be a late sleeper
Early rising? Not my cup-a tea
I'd sleep 'till noon if t'were up to me!

Let me hear on the radio:
"No school today, too much snow"
Let it on the TV be seen:
"No school for kids who go to *Keene"

Grant me now what I pray
And I'll try to make it to Church Sunday
All the students in this S.A.U.
Have put their faith and trust in You

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Grant us what we need the most
Please, O Lord, send snow and ice!
A break from school would be so nice!

*Note: Keene is the name of the city in which I live. I suggest replacing it with the name of your city or town, even if it doesn't rhyme, if you want the Prayer to be effective.

*Disclaimer* The Snow Day Prayer is for entertainment purposes only, and I have no intention of offending anyone on the grounds of religion.

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