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Gattaca The Truman Show S1m0ne

Born in New Zealand in 1964, Andrew M. Niccol made his feature film directorial debut with Gattaca in 1997. He also wrote the futuristic drama that questioned genetic morals and tested the will power of the human spirit. The following year, his next original screenplay put Niccol's name on the Hollywood map. The Truman Show, directed by Peter Wier and produced by Niccol, starred Jim Carrey as another man, again, on quest for answers in a world where nobody wanted to give him any. He also penned another screenplay, the unfilmed "River Road," in which the main character, Myler Kline, continually risks his life to cross a river which he believes will bring him freedom. Niccol's sophomoric directorial effort, was S1m0ne, in which over-the-hill Hollywood director, Victor Taransky (Al Pacino) regains critical success after he discovers a one-of-a-kind actress…Niccol's latest projects include Lord of War, Dali and Brave New World.
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Originally Published July 25, 1998, dkommunikations courtesy Sony/Paramount/New Line