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Mia Biographical Information:

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"One of Mia's best qualities is her sense of team," says U.S. national coach Tony DiCicco. "So she's uncomfortable with the label Best Woman Soccer Player in the World. But when she's on her game, I would agree with that label."

Mia Hamm is a shy and soft spoken person who has a huge impact over young soccer players all over the world. Recognition of her skill has come by winning the female athlete award 5 times in a row (94, 95, 96, 97, and 98). This is something no other female athlete has done before.

Mia grew up as what they call a "military brat", Mia specifically was an Air Force brat. Her childhood was spent on different bases throughout the world including California, Texas, Virginia and Italy along with her five siblings and parents, COL. Bill and Stephanie Hamm. Her father fell in love with soccer while in Italy and urged Mia to play, but she played whatever was in season. "You moved to a new base and had new friends as soon as you joined a team," she says. Eventually Mia "adapted" to soccer as it was her older brother Garretts favorite pastime, and he played very well.
At age 14 Mia dominated girls school soccer in Texas and this attracted attention. A coach in Waco named John Cossaboon called a friend of his, Anson Dorrance and said he had to come see this girl. Dorrance who had coached the University of North Carolina women since 1979 and was the U.S. national team coach from 1985 to '94, was familiar with calls like the one from John Cossaboon and was skeptical, but he went to Texas any ways.

Mia joined the American national team at 15, becoming its youngest member ever. She followed Dorrance to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where during her years at UNC, she led the Tar Heels in four national championships, while earning all America honors three years and finishing as the ACC's all-time leading scorer. Then the pair also went to China, where the U.S. won the inaugural women's World Cup in 1991.
Now Mia moves around with her 4 year husband, Christian Corey. He is in the Marine Corps. Mia is currenly preparing for the next World Cup, which the U.S. will host in 1999. On the first anniversary of its gold medal victory over  China.

Stats and other information

(from: Mia Zone)

                    Name: Mariel Margret Hamm (Mia is her more popular nick name)
                    Birthday: March 17, 1972
                    Birthplace: Selma, Alabama
                    Age: 26
                    Height: 5'4" (or as she says)
                    Mom, Stephanie
                    Dad, COL. Bill Hamm
                    Brother, Garrett
                    (4 other siblings)
                    Husband, Christian Corey
                    Their anniversary: December 17, 1994 (4th year)
                    Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC


                    Sports: Soccer (of course), Basketball, and Golf
                    Athletes: Wayne Gretzky, Jackie Joyner Kersee
                    Color: green
                    Food: Italian
                    TV Show: Seinfeld
                    Number: 5
                    Her Superstition: She must tie her right shoe then her left shoe before
                    Ambition: to be happy


                    College: University of North Carolina
                    Degree: Political Science
                    High School: Lake Braddock Secondary School and Notre Dame high

                    Honors and Awards

                         Goodwill Games 98 Gold Medal
                         All-time leading scorer in NCAA women's soccer history with 103
                         goals and 72 assists for a combined total of 278 points over 91
                         Three-time first-team All-American
                         Three-time ACC Player-of-the-Year (1990, 1992 & 1993)
                         Three-time National Player-of-the-Year (unanimously in 1992 &
                         1994 recipient of the Honda Broderick Cup, given to the most
                         Outstanding Female Athlete in all of college sports
                         NCAA Tournament MVP Offense (1992 & 1993)
                         ACC Tournament Most Valuable Player (1989 & 1993)
                         Led the nation in scoring in 1990, 1992 and 1993
                         Scored more goals than any other player in Division 1 history
                         Scored a goal once in every 4.1 shots during her college career with
                         an average of 1.12 goals per game
                         All-time leader in career assists with 72
                         Registered 11 career three-goal games
                         Set NCAA record for single-season assists with 33 in 1992
                         Set NCAA record for single-season scoring with 97 points in 1992
                         Coach Anson Dorrance said of her season in 1992, "The greatest
                         season ever by a collegiate soccer player."
                         Holds NCAA Tournament career records for scoring (41 points),
                         goals (16) and assists (9)
                         Holds NCAA Tournament records for single-season scoring for
                         points (16 in 1993), goals (6 in 1993) and assists (tied the record
                         with 4 in 1993)
                         Won both the Missouri Athletic Club and the Hermann trophies
                         twice as top collegiate female player (1992 & 1993)
                         Inducted in 1993 into the Order of the Golden Fleece, the highest
                         honorary society at UNC
                         Member of the US Senior Women's National Team since 1987
                         At age 19, she was the youngest member and starter for Team
                         USA when it won the first-ever FIFA World Championship played
                         in China in 1991
                         Youngest woman ever to play for the US National Team at age 15
                         on December 12, 1987
                         In 94 international matches, she has tallied 54 goals, the second
                         highest number of goals and games in US history
                         Was the MVP of the 1994 Chiquita Cup and the 1995 US Cup
                         Led The US National Team in scoring in 1995 with 19 goals and 18
                         assists in 21 games
                         People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People In The World (1997)
                         Equity Online's "Woman of the Week"
                         U.S. Soccer Federation 1995 Female Athlete of the Year