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Welcome! Below find a short description of our
Spanish - English school:

Abraham Lincoln
Binational Cultural Center
Cuenca, Ecuador
Established 1957

  ENTER Abraham Lincoln Center  

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A non-profit organization registered
in Cuenca Ecuador, South America

Our classification is a "binational cultural center", an institution dedicated since 1957 to the promotion of intra-American relations and the education of mankind.

Welcome ("Bienvenidos!") to Cuenca Ecuador's oldest Spanish school and our customizable "one-to-one" class structure. Browse our information-rich site on Ecuador as it is helpful when planning a trip. Cuenca is an educational center, often called a "university town" so it's not surprising to find excellent opportunities to endulge in Spanish and English classes.

Our students and foreign staff have internet access in our language lab which doubles as an Internet cafe.

If you plan to visit Ecuador and study Spanish abroad our Spanish - English school in cultural Cuenca has become increasingly popular amongst college students, business people and even tourists on extended stay. Our group classes and our ONE-TO-ONE Spanish classes will make your trip to Ecuador and your Spanish studies most rewarding. If you are on extended stay and have children with you, they will benefit greatly from our customized private Spanish classes as well.  Ecuador and its morepure form of Spanish gives Spanish classes the added touch of accuracy. The Spanish of Ecuador is more "Castillian" which is the name given to continental Spanish. Scenic Ecuador makes your class environment just that much more interesting. To study abroad is sometimes expensive, however Ecuador prices for living are minimal.

Our modern internet cafe assures your communication needs and we have our own internal intranet learning center full of information to enhance your learning experience. There is an ample internet cafe presence in Cuenca as well and many Cuenca hotels now have "internet cafe style" access.

See for yourself why our Spanish school curriculum, our study abroad program and Spanish classes will make your vacation in Ecuador a memory cherished forever. Our "Ecuador Spanish" classes won't be just a Spanish school but a quality vacation to remember in cultural park-like Cuenca. The Cuenca experience itself is well worth the thrip, let alone a study in a real Latin environment.
Students of English (Inglis in Espaņol) likewise can opt for individual or class learning environments. You will graduate speaking Spanish correctly and without much accent if you apply your classes.

The learning environment is quite appealing as Cuenca has a perpetual Springtime climate, never cold, never hot. Recently, park like Cuenca received the Patromonial Humanidad award meaning Cuenca is a well preserved colonial town rich in old antique buildings, churches, parks and even the original flagstone streets. In fact, we had a big part in translating the original application of this award. From Inca ruins to modern architechture, Cuenca has it! Study a little, play a little and sip a cola in our internet cafe.

Internet cafe


Visit enchanting Ecuador and study Spanish in our customized private one-to-one classes. Ecuador is a colonial, beautiful, and a secure place to study Spanish and attend one of the oldest Spanish schools in Ecuador. Private or group classes will fit every need and budget.

Spanish classes made to fit your schedule!


To get just a better idea of what is in store,
read below or just ENTER to see the full picture.

Introduction to Abraham Lincoln Binational Cultural Center

Spanish schools in Ecuador are the best place to learn Spanish for several reasons.

1.  The Spanish dialect of Ecuador is the most similar of all Spanish speaking countries to actual continental Spanish. An Ecuador Spanish school therefore is much more conducive to learning accurate Spanish.

2.  Climate. Let's face it, climate makes anything enjoyable. The year round Springtime weather of Cuenca, Ecuador makes for comfort and you need therefore to bring less range of clothing with you than in other Latin American countries. The climate of the South American Andes here on the Equator here is literally a perpetual Spring time climate due to the 2,600 meter altitude, and many English (called "Inglis" in Espaņol) students from all over Latin America flock to Cuenca. This makes Cuenca, Ecuador a school oriented town rich in culture and colonial flavor.

3.  Cuenca's proximity to many interesting, archaelogical, scenic and picturesque areas make Cuenca a hub of Ecuador tourism. Comfortable hostels, inexpensive but nice hotels and homestays permit a warm yet independent life style while studying in Cuenca. We can help you locate places to stay.

Our Spanish and English classes are either in group or private and customizable one-to-one formats.

The curriculum for our Spanish classes is desined to be fun and for the whole family. The combination of a vacation/study in our Spanish school is set up to be actually an "educational vacation". Enroll in Abraham Lincoln, one of Ecuador 's oldest Spanish schools, and enjoy the colonial flavor of Ecuador and our one-to-one Spanish classes. You will be assigned your own private Spanish teacher. Our school is located in a renovated antique building with two computer language labs, sitting gardens, gathering place, library and cantina (snacks and soft drinks). Our patio offers ample space for get togethers and parties or just to enjoy the light Andean breezes and sunshine while conversing with new found friends.

Our language lab is computerized and to keep in touch with home, we have an Internet cafe for you also. Your trip to Ecuador enriched with our Spanish classes can benefit you with the most modern technology and software available.

Our Internet cafe is the best and oldest in the Cuenca area. It is best because of the new high speed computers, an incredible learning center in our own intranet, as well as a fast internet connection in a secure, quiet non-smoking environment.

Our Spanish school augments your vacation in Ecuador. In Cuenca, Ecuador, hub of education for the region, there are other Spanish schools and Spanish classes but none in Ecuador can offer our language lab, Internet access and facility. We are easy to find and within short walking distance of Cuenca's famed old town and central park/cathedral. Visit magical Ecuador and our Spanish school this summer! Here in Ecuador, it doesn't get any better.

Thank you for visiting!

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