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10 good reasons to hate Microsoft

1- Microsoft invented nothing, it copies, (Macintosh, DR-DOS, Stacker, Wordperfect, Netscape) or buys (FoxPro, Softimage, Norton Backup, Central-Point Anti-Virus) ideas from others. Small companies make innovations, and then their ideas are taken by Microsoft. When Microsoft has no competition in a given market, there is no more innovation...
Who will develop new things when they know that Microsoft will take it away from them ?
What will happen when Microsoft will have nobody to copy from?
2- Microsoft offers only inferior products, and with its money imposes them as standards, blocking better products in order to gain market share.
3- Microsoft uses unfair practices to keep control of the market:
  • Dumping: Dumping is illegal, but Microsoft is dumping Internet Explorer only to destroy Netscape market share.
  • Licensing: Computer manufacturers must pay Microsoft for licenses of Windows, even if they don't sell it with all their computers. You think it is free, but in fact, it is included in the price. It is why Microsoft has become so big
  • Making competing products incompatible: It has happened a few times in Microsoft history, one of the most recent is DR-DOS 6.0, that was taking away sales from Microsoft's MS-DOS. So Microsoft make Windows 3.1 and make it incompatible with DR-DOS 6.0, effectively killing it, even if a later patch solved the problem. You will see this again very soon with Internet Explorer...
  • Vaporware: Microsoft announces products years before they hit the market, telling how will it be good, will solve all problems, and that it will be out soon. The only reason is to make users and developers wait and prevent them from looking at other possibilities or platforms.
  • 4- Microsoft is trying to take control of the internet. Integrating Internet Explorer into the operating system is just a way to get Netscape out of the way, so Microsoft could impose its own "standards".
    5- Everybody loses in a monopoly situation, except Microsoft.
    6- If The Department of Justice can't do anything about Microsoft, who can ?
    7- Who can take Microsoft to court, even if he is right, when Microsoft can make the trial go on forever, until the other person or company runs out of money?
    8- Microsoft is trying to kill ( or get control of ) JAVA, because it could be a threat to its monopoly.
    9- Microsoft lies to you, Windows 95 ain't no 32-bit operating system: it still runs over DOS. Windows 95 exists only to make users wait until Windows NT is stable enough to take over the market.
    10- Microsoft uses the total number of licenses of Windows to pressure developers to program for the most "popular" platform, but Windows is sold with any computer, even if you don't want it.