To The Stars And Back
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To The Stars And Back

Integrating Space and Language Arts

by Leslie Bennett, Tanya Bullock, Michele Morgan, & Ginny Slusher

We are all students at Samford University. We have been looking for ways to incorporate teaching Language Arts along with Space.
There is so much information available on the Internet. We know that we have just begun to find the many resources available.
If you have any ideas or suggestions please e-mail us and let us know so we can include other items.

Rational for Integrating Space and Language Arts

Language arts is a part of everything we do. Writing, reading, listening, and speaking are key elements in our society today. In order for a student to succeed, he must use and perfect these skills. To find out more about space, we must read. There is a wide variety of literature and websites available to increase one's understanding of space.

Overall Objectives

1. Students will demonstrate ability to work in groups.

2. Students will conduct research using tools such as Microsoft Encarta, computer software, videos, and trade books.

3. Students will gain appreciation of space through class activities and lessons.

4. Students will demonstrate creativity through writing.

5. Students will become familiar with the internet and the specific sites related to space.

6. Students will improve their writing, grammar, and spelling skills.

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