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Sugar Plum's Main Sailor Moon,& Magic Knight Rayearth Page

I am 30 years old. Will be 31 on the 26th of July. I am a big fan of Anime. Sailor Moon is one of my most favorite anime. I decided to turn this page into my main page for my Sailor Moon,& Magic Knight Rayearth page that I now have on Angelfire,and created on September 8,1998. Please tell me what you think about my page. I do have some files uploaded but they aren't linked yet but will be in the future. I have big plans for this page. I just can't do much with this page at the moment. Besides I have to work on my other pages as well. I am going to do what I can to make all of my pages unique different from other page on the internet. So far I haven't used much of my space for this page. I recently moved my non mature anime fan fiction page/archive back to Tripod,and changed it's name,and I plan to leave it on Tripod,and no plans to move it to another of my Tripod accounts at this time. I'm going to when I get my Sailor Moon fan fiction archive done I'll be posting it up on Tripod under supersailorsugarplum,and it will be on Tripod but I may also have it partly on Angelfire. I took out a lot of stuff,and made a few changes on my Sailor Moon page that was on NBCI/Xoom,and moved it to Tripod. I have been doing a lot of updating,and making a lot of changes to a few of my pages recently. I took a lot of out dated links off of this page yesterday. I still got to upload 1 of my pages under slrstarfighter on Fortunecity the one devoted to Sailor Star Fighter. Page last updated on July 13,1999. Page last updated on May 18,2001.

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