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Rajan Athilat's Homepage

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Hello Cybernauts, Iam Rajan Athilat. I hail from Taliparamba, Kannur District, Kerala, India.. I am working with MANTECH COMPUTER SERVICES W.LL, (Bahrain) Resellers of Compaq, Micron , Novell , Tally Printers , and Microsoft products, as an Customer Support Engineer. I Love to surf on the Internet most of my free time. I like Soccer & Chess. I would like to meet people from Kannur,Bombay & Dombivili. That is all about me for the time being. The Athilat web page is under construction. Anyway thank you for wasting your time by watching this site.

Listed below, are some websites, I found interesting. It's a mix of Shareware, Internet resources, Humour and people I know. I'll keep updating this page regularly. I hope you find some useful information here. If you come across any interesting humour sites, please send me an e-mail.

Interesting Web Site

WD & S Shareware

Angelfire Login

Geocities Login

Novell Education Centre

Free Home Page

Windows95 Drivers

Downloadable Software and Shareware

India Links

Indian Express News Paper

Kerala Web

Indian Customs


Cricket Matches

Meet My Relatives & Friends

Gopinath Athilat

Ravi Athilat


Ronald Fernandes

Anil Salian

Geocities Home page

Geetha Gopinath

Malayalees on the Net

Next site

Previous site

Random site

Index of Sites

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