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From Qawafi:).....Hope that u will like them ..:)

Ya hala wallah ..3eedkom imbarak w kil 3aam winto ibkhair :)) Click Za Arrow

Okay How about Some Music ..r u in?
The Veiled's Site .. SomeSing u Won'6 4get :)
I called it Qawafi cuz i like poem .. i hope u will like this link..;)
More Poems to ur table ..have a nice meal..w id3eeli ;)
For our chabids walking on the ground ..enjoy :))))))
Arab Poems ..:) proud to have this link ..:)
Okay my visitor .. more music to Order??
more poem with (khalid) il shi3r :))
Click here and tell what u have found out after 2 min ..plz be honest with ur self ;p
Nice Jafa games .. 3ala 3ohdat il raawi;)
back to poems and alhajri's HP...was6ah ;)
more ..(^_^)
And from my Brothers in UAE i'm Glad to give u this link,,:)
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This Arab Ring site owned by Stranger.
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Who am I ?!
  • well it might look like a Silly Question comming from a person that doesn't know himself ..;p
  • but i know my self well .. ;P and i'm trying to be very Careful not to see WANTED sign next to my photo .. that's why it won't be here ;p <-- that was 4 some one in particular ;p
  • Stranger is RaD ...simply a guy who likes to have alot of REAL friends who looks to friendship as a holy thing ..:) hmmm i feel that i talk wiZdome ;p lol strange that might not be me ;)
  • any way i like Poem alot ..i like Drawing ..reading .. Chatting ...6ab3an i like Sports other wise i might loose being from GCC ..:)
  • well ... throu this Page ..i hope that i can satisfy my beloved hobbies ..and plz if any one have an advice ..or a note ..feel free to Email ..or to put it in Guest book .. my pleasure to keep every thing :)
  • lol .. i will delete "Nasty" things ofCourse ;P ..cuz i know there are alot of nasty Creatures in the Environment ..:) /me is looking for his DDT ;Pp
Well .. ya hala Wallah w ghala ..:) and I hope that u like what i'm trying to do here in Qawafi ..:) .. alot of thanx to the Sky's Angels ..those who are helping me and give all the Support that i can't do any thing without in this HP :) .. Alot of thanx to them ...This page was last updated in 12th of Sep. 1998 ...and next time inshallah .. we r planning for more beautiful ideas .. so if u have any thing that u want to appeare here ..poetry, Drawings, or any other thing to participate with .. i will be glad to recieve an Email from u .. or a message on ICQ# 6660000 .. thanx 4 the visit and plz ..Come Back again ..(^_^)
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