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Pins House

Asia Pacific Hard Rock Cafe Pins News

We are listing the following for your information . We will try to update as often as we can. However, we are not good at computer so this is the best we can do.

April/May 1999

Beijing 4th Anniversary
Kuala Lumpur Earth Day
Nagoya Cherry Blossom
Nagoya Earth Day
Nagoya Children Day
Osaka Cherry Blossom
Osaka Earth Day
Osaka Children Day
Singapore Earth Day
Tokyo Cherry Blossom
Tokyo Earth Day
Tokyo Children Day
Yokohama Cherry Blossom
Yokohama Earth Day
Yokohama Children Day

March 1999

Bangkok 8th Annivsary (Soon)
Jakarta 1999 New Year Guitar (500 made)
Nagoya St Patrick Pin
Osaka St Patrick Pin
Tokyo St Patrick Pin
Yokohama St Patrick Pin

February 1999

Bali Valentine Day
Bangkok Valentine Day
Beijing Valentine Day
Guangzhou Valentine Day
Hong Kong Valentine Day
Kuala Lumpur Valentine Day (500 made)
Kowloon Valentine Day
Makati Valentine Day
Melbourne Valentine Day
Nagoya Valentine Day
Osaka Valentine Day
Shanghai Valentine Day
Singapore 9th Anniversary (1000 made)
Singapore Valentine Day (500 made)
Sydney Valentine Day
Taipei Valentine Day
Taipei 5th Anniversary
Tokyo Valentine Day
Yokohama Valentine Day single pin (700 made)
Yokohama Valentine Day puzzle set (250 made)

January 1999

Bali New Year Pin
Nagoya Year of Rabbit Zodiac Pin
Nagoya New Year Pin
Osaka Year of Rabbit Zodiac Pin
Osaka New Year Pin
Osaka 7th Anniversary
Tokyo Year of Rabbit Zodiac Pin (Is a guitar)
Tokyo New Year Pin (Japanese Rice Cake)
Yokohama Year of Rabbit Zodiac Pin (Is a guitar)
Yokohama New Year Pin (Japanese Traditional Fan)

1998 Asia Christmas Pin

Guangzhou (was told 500 made to be confirmed)
Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur (500 made)
Singapore (1000 made)
Taipei (900 made)

1998 Australian Christmas Pin

Surfers Paradise

1998 Asia Halloween Pin

Hong Kong
Jakarta (only 500 made)
Kuala Lumpur (only 500 made)
Singapore (only 1000 made)

1998 Australian Halloween Pin

Surfers Paradise


We have great interest in the new US HRC pins produced by Pinpal.

Listed below are a list pinpal produced pins. Please update us if there are any new release.

Aspen 8th Anniversary 1000
Atlanta 6th Anniversary 1000
Atlantic City 2nd Anniversary 1000
Chicago Al Capone's Car Silver 1500
Chicago Al Capone's Car Gold 1500
Chicago Sears Tower Silver 1250
Chicago Sears Tower Gold 1250
Chicago Martini w/ Guitar 1000
Cleveland Vickie 2000
Dallas 12th Anniversary 1000
Hollywood 1st Anniversary 500
Hollywood 2nd Anniversary 500
Hollywood 3rd Anniversary 1000
Hollywood Rose Bowl Guitar Green 500
Hollywood Rose Bowl Guitar Purple 500
Hollywood Rockettes 750
Hollywood Construction Worker 2500
Hollywood Martini 750
Hollywood Gorilla 2500
Houston 12th Anniversary 1000
Houston Driller Guitar 1000
Houston Bull Logo 1000
Houston Boot Guitar 1000
Houston Sheriff 1000
Key West 2nd Anniversary 1000
La Jolla 10th Anniversary 1000
La Jolla Woody Surfwagon 1000
La Jolla Jewel Guitars Red 1000
La Jolla Jewel Guitars Green 1000
Las Vegas Martini with Chip 1000
Las Vegas Royal Set King 500
Las Vegas Royal Set Queen 500
Las Vegas Royal Set Jack 500
Los Angeles 16th Anniversary 1000
Los Angeles Angel Wing Guitar 5000
Memphis 1st Anniversary 1000
Miami Martini w/Orange 1000
Miami Superbowl Guitar 500
Miami Dolphin 1000
Myrtle Beach Golf Guitar
New Orleans 11th Anniversary 1000
New Orleans Jester Guitar
New York 15th Anniversary 1000
New York Taxi Guitar Silver 500
New York Taxi Guitar Gold 2000
New York Martini w/Apple 1000
New York Liberty
Newport Beach 6th Anniversary 1000
Newport Beach Cigar Nite 1000
Newport Beach Martini Nite 1000
Orlando Construction Worker 2500
Orlando Gator Biting Guitar 5000
Philadelphia 1st Anniversary 1000
Phoenix 3rd Anniversary 1000
San Antonio 4th Anniversary 1000
San Antonio Cow at Fire 1000
San Antonio Snake Logo 1000
San Antonio Snake Guitar 1000
San Antonio Catcus and Bell Guitar 2500
San Diego Martini w/Surfboard 1000
San Diego Sailor with Guitar 1000
San Francisco Hippie Guitar
Sacramento Wine Bottle Pin
Washington DC 9th Anniversary 1000
Washington DC Election Pin 2000
Washington DC Eagle Guitar 2000
Please let us know what else do you wish to be shown here

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