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Did you really think I was going to take you for a spin in that wonderful bandwagon car?

Check out under the hood of this winner

Just purchased the ARC '02 Elvis Las Vegas Car

Also have the Lite Car pictured above it

Check back later for pics of all my die-cast Miller Lite cars

Always loved racing since a little girl, above is dad's "FAT RAT" stock car

The funny cars used to amaze me, my favorite being Jungle Jim.

Don't forget to check out the link under this hot machine.


It wasn't til 1994 that I actually went to a Nascar race, first of all it's very hard to acquire tickets but once you've got them you won't let them go,
even if you can't attend.
I'm now a proud owner of Richmond season tickets. The fun part was getting there, next was...
who in the heck are we going to root for.
Didn't take long to figure that out. I'm a lover of Miller Lite beer...ok, so the car had MGD on it at the time, close enough and they did wise up.
I've always owned a ford vehicle, and at that time it happened to be a thunderbird. And I heard people talk about Rusty and he seemed pretty redneck to me.
The most awesome part of that whole day, Rusty Wallace and his #2 car crossed the checker flag first.

*Hail Babe*

Since that time, I make trips down for the Daytona races.It's become a dad and daughter family tradition, not to mention a awesome party.
You have never partied until you've been in the Ocala forest..or at Ma Barker's Hideaway Bar.
Hey, that's a story of it's own.... ever drink a bar out of Miller Lite?
Have to bring your own and then buy it back *L*.

My Daytona Racing Escorts, the men in my life

I especially enjoy the Pepsi 400 in July. When the fires prevented the races in 1998, everyone back home was
wondering how upset I was to have made that trip and then it was cancelled.
Are you kidding? It only meant I got to go back again in October.

Click ~Here ~ for a Great NASCAR Site full of bios of
all the drivers and superb action shots. ~hehe


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