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My General Manager - He's a Silent Partner - well mostly silent :)


My Studly Outfielder/Home Run Hitter and Heartbreaker - *wink* :)



My Ace pitcher and his assistant. He may not have a lot on his curveball but his fastball is a killer :)



My Base stealer extraodinaire - sure he's flashy but he's greased lightning!!!! :)


My Left Outfielder - snagging them flies like he was born for the job :)


My Asst. Coach and Pitching Coach - Just as well he has 9 lives :)


My 2nd Starter - He is always happy - mainly cause he doesn't have to pitch to my studly outfielder :)


My Closer and Pinch hitter - okay he's a bit loopy - but then aren't all closers? :)


My Catcher - He is sly but unfortunately not too good at catching those base runners ! Meep Meep :)




And of course there is me - The Owner - of Ballslappin'in Bedrock.



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