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~The Green Room~

~On Thursday, October 22nd. approximately forty students from BJHS and four BCHS students attended the play ~7 STORIES~ at Lethbridge University.It proved to be a very enjoyable evening of comical entertainment...with a Peter Pan twist in its tail!

After the play the students were treated to a back stage tour with Head Stage Carpenter, James McDowell. This proved to be an interesting source of fascination for the majority of the lucky students. The same group will be attending three more plays at Lethbridge University between now and the Spring of 1999...

  • FRANKENSTEIN Wednesday November 25th.1998 at 8-00pm..leaving BJHS at 5-30pm
  • THE QUEENS Thursday February 11th.1999 at 8-00pm...leaving BJHS at 5-30pm
  • AS YOU LIKE IT Thursday March 25th. 1999 at 8-00pm....leaving BJHS at 5-30pm

    All trips should arrive back at the BJHS parking lot at approximately midnight.