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One of our mandates at BJHS is to ensure that our students have the opportunity to develop strategies for success in their immediate and future lives. Our evolving program, in its sixth year of operation, aptly named ~Every Kid Can~, is proving to be a great facilitator in this regard.

This year, with the first term report card, each teacher will include a goal they believe is appropriate for each student, for parent/student consideration. At that point, the student with parent, will establish and enter an appropriate goal on the report card before returning to the school. The goal should be challenging, but within reach according to ability and past achievement history. Our Counsellors (Mr. Ball & Mrs. Boquist) will then compare the teacher goal with the parent/student goal and a blended goal will then be established. The new goal will be shared with the student and parent, then written in the appropriate box in the agenda.

Goals and achievements are compared at the end of each term and students are rewarded if all the goals are met and a positive attitude maintained. Option classes are evaluated only on attitude as far as the EKC program is concerned. Rewards range from an afternoon movie @ the Oasis Theatre to a trip to Calgary or Banff, with the majority of the costs covered through generous support by local business or social groups.

Goal setting, whether in education, business or career has been established as a prime factor leading to personal success. You do not have to be a scholar to be successful, but you do have to set goals that are challenging, within reach, and then commit your efforts towards achievement. A group of students who realize the value of hard work today, and can commit themselves toward attaing tomorrow's goals, will most certainly be our communities future successes.....