Warrior's Fury

By Tony "Thunderbolt" Klepack


    We watch as the Transformer's body drifts through the Iciness of the celestial void. He is no longer functional. His battered corpse is covered with ice as we teleport him into our lair and moisture begins to form on his still body.
    We scan his primitive cerebro circuitry and find that he was once known as Cliffjumper-an odd choice for a codename in our opinion. But then, we suppose exposure to Humanity can do that to the unprepared mechanoid.
    Further scans reveal that he was onboard a shuttle bound for Autobot Headquarters on Earth, to restore supplies to their City-base there. Interesting, they were at the tentative beginnings of a true cooperation between Humans and Transformers, But his memory reveals a surprise attack by the Decepticon faction, which is what appears to have rendered him inoperative.
    How delightfully primitive this universe is-factions! And pathetic attempts at cooperation with Humans! They have no idea what they could all become...and now it looks as if they may never do so. Despite this, we cannot take that chance. In time, they could resolve their war peacefully and then...no. It is too great a possibility to simply ignore. We must take action! They must remain at war, no matter the cost.
    This one, this Cliffjumper, is of no consequence here in this universe. But elsewhere, as my agent, he may prove useful.
    But he is weak and powerless in this form. When the time comes for us to reveal our presence, we will need strength-a war machine capable of doing our bidding, whatever that may yet be.
    Restoring his life to him is child's play for beings of our power. With little thought, part of our being becomes one with our machines and we design a new bodyform that is infallible for Cliffjumper's--and eventually our own-needs. Quickly, his new form is readied and we replicate his personality engrams into the waiting circuitry.
    However, we see fit to add a few alterations of our own. He will become battle-ready and merciless to our enemies when he fights-a living lethal weapon, or so we hope. We will test him in a battle, first, before he is placed into his new home.
            *            *            *
    The twin moons of the mysterious planet illuminated the dull pink alien sky, giving it a most picturesque appeal to the planet's inhabitants.
    "Where...where am I?" Cliffjumper asked himself aloud, his mind emerging from a bizarre haziness. "I-I was heading to Earth on the shuttle, when we were ambushed by the Decepticons and Galvatron-" He stopped as he remembered with horror what had happened next. It was not a happy memory, to say the least. First, Galvatron had dismembered Tailgate, as slowly and painfully as possible, making sure Cliffjumper had stayed conscious to watch every moment' of the torture. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of mind-numbing cruelty, Galvatron had his soldiers cast Tailgate's tattered remains into space.
    Then, Galvatron had torn one of Cliffjumper's arms off, and then, the other-laughing all the time as he'd done it and seen Cliffjumper's agony. His maniacal appeal for pain appeased, the Deeepticon leader had then shot Cliffjumper through the chest fatally. His last memory had been of being tossed off of the shuttle and into the frigidity of space...its cold numbing his near-lifeless body, the void preventing him from even crying out.
    Cliffjumper shuddered slightly at the mental imagery. He remembered that much of the grizzly occasion that had ended his life. So why was he here? Why was he uninjured? And why did he have a new body?
    He didn't understand any of it-why was he still alive?
    Nearby, a noise snapped him back to the present and reality.
    "Who's there?" he called out, slightly afraid of the possible responses. He looked around at the alien shrubbery and thick vegetation, his sensors searching for the source of the sound. After several moments of near total silence-save for a few native animals making noise-he concluded that maybe he'd imagined the sound. After all, given the circumstances, who could blame him?
    Then, it attacked!
    Cliffjumper spun about in time to see a blur crash into him. Instinctively, he flipped the creature off of himself and leapt back to his feet.
    The creature gleamed with the coldness of steel and he knew it probably wasn't native to this planet. It certainly wasn't a naturally-occurring beast at any rate. The beast roared at him, and Cliffjumper materialized his gun out of its interdimensional storage. The beast stood a moment longer, as if sizing up its prey first, and Cliffjuraper had a moment to study its design: it was a mechanical beast with a wolf's head, a bat's wings, and the body of a large animal, possibly a bear. It's silver steel shone brightly as it tensed and its red optics focused on him.
    At incredible speed, it leapt at him and slashed its claws into his right shoulder. Smashing a fist into it, Cliffjumper tossed it out of the way and awaited its next lunge. Much to his utter amazement, the creature's claws had done no damage to him at all!
    The animal roared and he could see its steel musculature tensing for the next strike*
    "No, you don't!" he yelled. He felt an anger he'd never known before welling up inside him. This animal had dared attack him! He would make it suffer for that. As the creature lunged, Cliff-jumper's shoulder-mounted gattling gun roared to life, tearing into it with dozens of explosive bullets. He sidestepped the creature, which collapsed to the ground behind him. It was in no apparent hurry to get up.
    Cliffjumper walked up to the wheezing body of the beast. Quite unexpectedly, its hand gripped his foot tightly.
    "Pathetic!" he sneered. He lifted his foot into the air slightly and slammed it down on top of the animal's head, crushing it completely.
    The battle over, Cliffjumper became aware of his surroundings again and noticed that he stood fairly close to a cliff. Around him, in all directions, were mammoth mountains rising into the air, their darkened forms an impressive sight to behold. Then, he noticed a light in about three kilometers below and ahead of him. His optics automatically increased power to focus in on a small town ablaze.
    Without another thought, he converted into his car mode and roared down the small gravel path nearby. He realized that he became a labrighini now, and beamed as he imagined what his fellow Autobots would say about his great new finish.
    That is, if he could ever find them again.

    A few minutes later, Cliffjumper raced into the town. Several robed, reptilian inhabitants ran in fear of their lives and swerved to avoid the new alien thing in their midst. He noted their attackers: more of the mechanical beasts! Several flew and soared downward at the reptilian aliens, while others crept about on the ground, tearing into buildings and aliens alike.
    "Vermin!" ho snapped as he transformed into his robot-mode again. Almost immediately, three of the creatures dove downward at him, each preparing to make him their next prey. Cliffjumper materialized his sword and leapt aside, slashing out as he did so. One of the beasts fell dead, its head neatly severed from its body.
    The two others swung about in mid-air, preparing to take another pass at him. He moved fast, bringing his gun out and firing off two particle blasts at them. The white energy tore through both of their bodies, and they exploded in a shower of sparks*
    Charging into the town, Cliffjumper, fired his weaponry at the invading creatures, destroying them with the precision of a skilled warrior. Taking care not to hit the reptilian inhabitants of the town, some of whom stood watching as the strange crimson creature stood and defended them against certain death. He destroyed every one of the beasts that he could find.
    A few minutes later, Cliffjumper stood atop a pile of smashed metal limbs and torsos. Nearby, the reptilian aliens watched the metal being whom was their savior with awe-and, perhaps, fear of the future conqueror.
    Cliffjumper turned away silently. The threat to the innocent inhabitants of this town was over, and he felt his abnormal rage settling quickly. He wondered why he felt so fiercely angry at his enemies-it wasn't normal. For Grimlock, maybe, but not for him.
    It was almost as if he had been taking out his rage against
    Galvatron on these beasts, but that was-
    Cliffjumper heard a roar and looked upward a moment too late, seeing one of the animals diving downward at him! He half-leapt right, but was not entirely successful as the creature connected with the left side of his torso, dragging him to the ground.
    Both combatants tried to recover first, but the creature managed to pin him down. It growled and snapped its fangs at him. Only his head’s last second dodge to the right avoided its jaws. He wasn't sure if it could breach his armor or not, but he didn't want to find out either.
    Unable to reach his sword or rifle-both had been knocked out of his hands in his attempt to dodge the creature-and unable to aim any of his bodily weapons at the creature, Cliffjumper managed to wiggle his right hand upward at the beast. Ha mentally activated his 'glass gas' spray and caught it through the mid-section. The creature looked stunned at the crystallized section of itself. Taking advantage of its momentary distraction, he smashed his right first up and through the beast! It toppled off of him and pieces of its crystallized-self dropped harmlessly against his armor.
    Cliffjumper rose and aimed his wrist guns at creature's still-intact head. He opened fire and its head-module exploded, killing whatever was left of the animal.
    He scanned the area around himself thoroughly, but saw no more of the mechanical beasts anywhere.
    It was over. He had won. He breathed a sigh of relief and then transformed and raced out of the alien village. He didn't know exactly where he was going; he just hoped that somewhere out there lay the answer to the questions he had like why he was here, why he'd been rebuilt, and how it had all happened.
    We are satisfied, Cliffjumper has survived his testing with little difficulty. He is now ready to be implemented in the field, we need only await the proper time and place to activate him.
    We reach out with our mind and teleport him here, into stasis.
    And so it begins. The pieces of our plan start to fall into place, and when we are done, the Transformers will be but a distant memory in this universe.
    As it should be.
    We shall stand unhindered and unchallenged in our uniqueness and our power.
    We look forward very much to that coming day.