Function: Strategist
Sub-Group: Air Defence Force
First Appearance: Transformers: Balance of Power #4

All life is equal and worthy of my protection

Profile:  Warhawk hates the Decepticons with a passion, especially Lightning--whom he feels betrayed the Autobots when he defected.  He also despises the Decepticon ideology that the Cybertronian lifeform is superior to the other aliens races of the galaxy. He firmly believes all lifeforms are equal and goes to great lengths to promote his thoughts on that matter.  Warhawk is the successor to Hawk, an earlier Autobot on the ADF who went mad at the battle for Karn (the last major battle between the Autobots and Decepticons before now). When Hawk killed himself, Wheeljack and Grapple salvaged what they could and incorporated some of the components into Warhawk. However, none of Hawk's mind or memories exist in Warhawk, as his creators took the precaution of wiping his memory banks before reactivation.
Warhawk hates the Decepticons and longs for the day when the war will be over.

Abilities:  Transforms into a Regation rocket fighter. Can make speeds up to Mach 6 and can achieve orbit. Has twin double-pulse cannons, standard missiles and pulse bombs.  In robot mode, has twin shoulder mounted double-pulse cannons, explosive-bullet rifle (up to 50,000 rounds per minute) and a energy-pulse crossbolt gun.

Strength: 7               Speed: 6            Intelligence: 7
Endurance: 8            Rank: 6              Firepower: 8
Courage: 8               Skill: 7


Profile by Tony Klepack