The Works of One Thomas Zavier

Tom Zavier is one of my closest friends and has been writing for well over a decade. He has done numerous short story works, both Transformers related and original content.

This section is a compilation of his TF related works done for numerous fanzine projects. All have seen print in the past but never been available on the internet before now.

Why not? might be a better question to ask. Tom's an excellent writer and his work should be available for others to enjoy. Also, I've been given permission to do as I will with his TF works, so it seems logical to add them to this website.


(note: you will need the free Acrobat Reader to view these files as they are all in .pdf format. I've made this choice because .pdf is a much easier format to work with then regular html, which ends up looking terrible more often then not).

Original TF works

Optimus Prime: Dreamscape

Originally an extra story included with the first issue of the long defunct TF fanzine, Trans-Scrypt. This tale delves into the psyche of the legendary Autobot leader.

The Last Debate

Originally published in the one-shot Megatron tribute fanzine, Transfusion. This story chronicles the final debate between the Autobots and Decepticons as they try to defy inevitable war.

The Dark Saga: The First Confrontation

Originally published in the one-shot Optimus Prime tribute fanzine, Prime. This was intended as the first in a new series that radically rewrote the Transformers mythos. Optimus Prime is young Autobot worker re-awakened by a mystical force aboard his spaceship, the Ark as the last defense against an emerging new evil.

Balance Of Power: Reflections
As noted below, Tom originated the BOP fanzine. This is a lost story that was scrapped because it couldn't work with the new story direction chosen (included here to further show off Tom's writing).

Tom also originated and wrote the Balance of Power TF fanzine. Those stories are part of a larger ongoing story serial and may not make as much sense taken out of context. However if you'd like to view them, check out the BOP archive section.
Tom wrote Fall From Glory (all); Target Practice; The Chase; Trial by Fire (all); The Broken Path (all); Stroke of Midnight. (He also contributed numerous further ideas to the overall story, such as the Masters and Takra Ronin).