The Masters
(aka The Children of Primus)

Function: Unknown
Sub-Group: None
First Appearance: BOP #12

Profile:  The Masters (or the Children of Primus, as they call themselves) were a race of humans created centuries ago by Primus himself as he moved about the Universe, seeding it with life on various planets and in many different forms. The Masters were from Earth originally and swiftly grew and advanced, learning to live in harmony with the world around them and using its resources to devise a type of organic technology to serve them. The Transformers were created later, once Primus had been imprisoned within his asteroid form, unable to act further he made them as his final creation and his last line of defense.
    Both creations eventually crossed paths and the Masters arrogantly believed the Transformers should submit to their will while the automatons believed they were to control their own destinies. Both sides fell into a brutal war, decimating both worlds. The Transformers got the upper hand, pursued the Masters back to Earth and poisoned it, destroying the life there and forcing the Masters to flee into space, looking for a new world to settle. During the long search, some abandoned the journey and ways, returning to Earth–which had recovered naturally over the years. Eventually, the remaining Masters found their new world, Eden and began their plans for revenge on the Transformers.
    They would eventually encounter the Disciples of Primus and destroy them, using their materials to construct a drone army and use them to attack Cybertron with the goal of converting or destroying the other Transformers as well as retrieving the remains of their Grand Lord Primus from the Last Autobot, now the sole source of Primus remaining life force.    
    The Masters are governed by the Circle of Primes, an equal convocation of various leaders that represent the needs of their people.
    The security forces of the Masters are called the Holy Fist and comprised of warriors referred to as Sentinels.

Abilities:  Each Master is a highly advanced human being with mental powers, such as telepathy and, when augmented by their bio-suits, telekinesis and flight, as well as ionic energy attacks. Additionally, the Sentinels each possess acid emitting organisms called Tokh’s as weapons.
    All have white-silver hair and green eyes, having evolved beyond the need for various hair and eye colors centuries before.
    The Masters use living organisms for technology that takes care of every aspect of their lives, including space travel. Their organic ships are a match for any conventional technological vessel in existence.

Masters organic space cruiser

Profile and artwork by Tony Klepack.
The Masters created by Tom Zavier and Matt Kirkby