By Tony"Thunder"Klepack


    A large starship drifted in Lunar orbit over Earth. It's massive form was cloaked from sight or electronic detection.
    A lone figure watched Earth from a starport in his darkened office. He was amazed this small planet had caused him so much trouble in the past.
    He had not foughten against another Transformer in battle for nearly fifteen Terran years now.
    A short time ago he had observed the battle planetside when the Decepticons had anilhilated Autobot City and Galvatron had crushed the last spark of life from Optimus Prime's body.
    It had always seemed to him that Prime's final battle would have occured in personal battle with Megatron, not this pretender to the throne.
    But Galvatron had destroyed him almost twenty years ago, so it did not seem too likely he would be returning any time soon.
    The figure yearned to return to battle with his enemies--every circuit in his body was ready. But he knew he must have patience if his plan was to succeed.
    He had spent years readying himself. Building new warriors, conqueoring new planets, and completing his crowning glory, the mobile fortress he now stood in, the Warship Dark Glory.
    He had waited a very long time for revenge. He knew he could wait a little bit longer.
    The plan was already in progress. Galvatron did not have the slightest suspicion that his army had already been infiltrated by spies. Warriors with high ranking positions, Decepticons Galvatron trusted his life with.
    The mysterious Transformer knew Galvatron had rebuilt the Decepticons into an able faction once more. But they still lacked a purpose to their destruction. A soul that gave it all purpose. Galvatron's way was revenge on the Autobots, not the glory of the Cybertronian lifeform. Like so many leaders before him, he failed to see the big picture.
    The figure smiled. Only one Transformer could lead the Decepticons to final victory...only he could.
    Many warriors had tried for the leadership of the Decepticons over the centuries. All of them had ultimately failed.
    But he would not. It was a role he had been created to fulfill. And fulfill it he would.
    "Commander?" Another Transformer called to him from the doorway.
    "Yes Snipe?"
    "Galvatron has ordered the Stunticons to take the Autobot prisoners back to Moonbase." The soldier told him. "Also, the Predators are here. They recieved Lightning's falsified orders as planned."
    "Excellent." The shadowy figure replied. "Send Skyquake in."
    Snipe said nothing. He went to the outside corridor and motioned Skyquake inside.
    "Do you require anything further?"
    "Not at the moment. Dismissed." The Commander replied from the darkness.
    The doors to the Commander's office closed behind Snipe, leaving the unknown Transformer and the large Decepticon Predator in near total darkness. Only the light of the Earth from the viewport allowed any illumination in the room. Skyquake could make out his leader's crimson optics in the darkness, but little else was visible.
    "We recieved the orders as planned. This little stop over will be erased from our ship's logs once we're gone."
    "Good." The Commander replied. "Inform Galvatron of the orders. Tell him Shockwave gave them to you. That's true after all. Surely Galvatron is intelligent enough to figure the rest of it out himself."
    "As you command. We'll leave immediately--"
    "No!" His leader snapped, stopping him in mid-sentence. "Tell Snipe to inform you when the Autobot shuttle the Stunticons are taking the prisoners back in, has left for Cybertron's moon. I do not want them to accidentally stumble across our ship."
    "Yes Commander." Skyquake replied. "For the glory of the new Empire."
    "For the glory of the new Empire." His Commander repeated the sentence, a touch of agreement in his voice.
    At that, Skyquake turned and left the room.
    The unknown Transformer turned his attention back to Earth. Soon enough, it's resources would be his, and all his enemies would lay dead at his feet.