Function: Scout
Sub-Group: None
First Appearance: TF: BOP #10

What are you lookin'at?

Profile:  Tempest is rude, abrasive and totally without tact. Authority means very little to her and it is probably best she functions primarily as a scout in Megatron's empire. Intelligent, but rash, she is apt at pushing other people's buttons.
    In reality, Tempest is the current form an ethereal being from a race called the Syntara. It had been assigned to the Transformers race for as yet unrevealed reasons as a statesman named Optimus Prime. When the War began, circumstance placed him in a position that eventually lead to his overall control of the Autobot faction in the Great War. Having no compunctions about such a form of non-obvious alien interference, the Syntara continued to allow their brethren to function In the leadership capacity.
    After four million years of being Optimus Prime, the Syntara was finally "killed" on Earth by Galvatron at the battle of Autobot City. Upon returning to the Syntara's realm it was felt this being would now best serve their purposes in Megatron's emerging new regime, instead of returning once again as Optimus Prime. Thus, it took on the form of a Deception female and named itself Tempest.
    The Autobot Sunfire was the only one to discover that Tempest was not a title pad of her race. However, since she was killed later by the Decepticon Midnight, Tempest's true identity still remains unknown to the Transformers.

Abilities:  Tempest's alternate form is a Fer'ran'dei starfighter She possesses a hyperdrive, and can manage incredible maneuvers in atmospheres. Has standard weaponry in fighter mode, including pulse guns and torpedo burst launchers. Carries dual particle rifles in bi-ped mode as well as several photon grenades and a localized energy shield to protect herself. Her form is fast, strong and maneuverable.

Strength: 7              Speed: 9    
Endurance: 8          Rank: 5
Courage: 8              Skill: 9
Intelligence: 9         Firepower: 7

Profile by Tony Klepack.  Character created by Tom Zavier. Designed by Tony Klepack.