Function: Security

Sub-Group: Headmaster

Human Component: Matt Kirkby

First Appearance: BOP #14


Watch out for number one  


Profile:  Talon is the new form of the Decepticon Micromaster Whisper. Taken from the ruins of Autobot City, Whisper's body was rebuilt into a

full-size Transformer then mind-wiped before undergoing the Headmaster process. However, the wipe was not complete and some of his original personality remained inside the bodyshell.

Matthew Kirkby was a thief and industrial spy working at Blackrock Enterprises for a businessman named Stone. After the Decepticons invaded  Earth, Kirkby was placed in charge of Project:: Excalibur—the humans efforts at building Headmasters to drive off the Decepticons. Following an attack of conscience, Kirkby underwent the binary bonding process and bonded with Whisper. Fleeing the research facility before it was destroyed, Talon was found by Decepticons who offered him the chance to join their ranks. Following the failure of Excalibur, Kirkby had no reason not to.

Talon is sometimes literally torn between two minds as his two selves often conflict. He is the personal protégé of Face, a mysterious Decepticon.


Abilities:  Despite his Micromaster origins, Talon is now average size, and intelligent, though not overly strong or armored. As a robot, he wields a laser sword which he carries in a sheath in his right leg; he also carries rocket launchers mounted on  his arms, each of which fires mercury tipped missiles.

          As a former SR-71 Blackbird jet fighter, Talon flies at Mach 5 and can maneuver through any atmosphere or even in vacuum. He is armed with wing-mounted mercury rockets and a laser cannon set behind his cockpit.


Weaknesses: Talon’s origins as a human built weapon have made him the object of scorn from most Decepticons. His two minds don’t always get along—Whisper is annoyed by being forced into having a human partner, while Kirkby is haunted by the knowledge that since Excalibur’s failure he can never return to Earth again.

Strength: 5              Speed: 10   
Endurance: 6          Rank: 6
Courage: 8              Skill: 7
Intelligence: 7         Firepower: 6