Takra Ronin
Function: Instructor
Sub-Group:  None
First Appearance: BOP #31

Only through self unity can one find true harmony
Profile: Little is known of Takra Ronin’s past before the start of the Great War. Like many of his brethren, he felt the cause of the Decepticons was a righteous one and immediately signed up to aid them in their cause of bringing progressive thinking to Cybertron. Over some time however, he began to discover that many of his fellow warriors were rabble, devoted to mindless destruction rather then to truly bettering their people. He began to search elsewhere for answers, finding the missing pieces among alien species the Decepticons raided as well as among the ancient monk orders of Cybertron that had avoided the War to that point. He took what he discovered, combining it into a new form to help aide the advancement of mind and body. He came to believe that spiritual unity could lead to personal betterment.
    At some point, Takra abandoned the Decepticon cause all together, taking with him several warriors that had begun to express interest in his burgeoning art form. They fled to the remote wastelands of Cybertron, taking on additional disciples and formalizing his art under the name Metallikato. There they remained for several years while others learned the discipline–including the deadly Decepticon warrior Bludgeon. In time, others mastered Metallikato as well, deeming themselves the Masters of the art.
    Despite their successes, Takra Ronin realized that the world around them was becoming further embroiled in devastating war. Neither the Autobots nor Decepticons took his solutions seriously, dismissing them as mere fancy instead of a true solution. Disillusioned but determined, he took many of his practitioners with him, leaving in secret while the Autobots and Decepticons were distracted by their battles and colonizing the world that they dubbed Sanctuary. The new world would know no war or conflict, only peace as Takra wished for his kind. For additional security, he took the unusual step of sealing Sanctuary’s star system within a pocket dimension, preventing discovery by the other Transformers or potential enemies.
    Takra Ronin is quiet, serene, wise. He is the originator and Grand Master of Metallikato yet he does not take pride in accomplishments nor does he feel his work is over. Self betterment is an ongoing journey of self discovery. He feels he has helped to open the door for others but doesn’t believe his own journey is finished yet.

Abilities: As a Decepticon, Takra Ronin was a typical warrior, with a keen mind and finely honed tactics. As he began his journey, he upgraded his body, maximizing his own physical potential in preparation for the longer mental and spiritual quest he was to undertake. Physically, Takra Ronin is reasonably strong and fast, his command of Metallikato making him unbeatable in hand to hand combat. Additionally, he has trained his mind to think faster and clearer then an opponent, enabling him to foresee battle strategies that might be employed against him. He is also well skilled in all forms of weaponry.
    Transforms into a modified Cybertronian X-9505 starfighter. Is extremely fast in fighter mode. Additionally, has equipped himself with a hyperdrive over his initial design, granting him celestial freedom, should he need it. Has a variety of missiles and artillery in his fighter mode but perhaps his deadliest weapons are his dual fusion cannons (which can be utilized in either mode). Few can withstand the deadly power Takra Ronin is capable of unleashing upon a foe. Fortunately, his pacifism precludes utilizing his older powers for destruction, rather he prefers to use his mind for self betterment and creation first and foremost.

Strength: 8            Speed: 10
Endurance: 8        Rank: N/A
Courage: 9            Skill: 9
Intelligence: 9      Firepower: 10

Profile and artwork by Tony Klepack. Character created by Tony Klepack and Tom Zavier.