Function: Harbinger
Sub-Group: None
First Appearance: TF: Balance of Power #2; BOP #19 (as a human)      

Unity is the key to freedom–and survival

Profile: When the Autobot Sunfire was killed prematurely by the Decepticon Midnight, the Syntara decided to resurrect her. This time, as a human woman that could blend in with the advanced humans of the Masters. At first, her mind was scrambled from all the knowledge that had been imparted into her psyche but she soon adapted, sorting out the jumble into coherence. She initially tried to convince the Autobots of her identity but with the recent appearance of Sonimus Prime–who also claimed to be Sunfire reborn–no one was quite certain what to make of her. Dejected but resolute to achieve her mission, she escaped Oberon and went to seek out the Masters instead, knowing that their participation against the might of the Armada was essential if they were to all succeed.
    Originally a dreamer and a romantic at heart, Sunfire has had her resolve tested more recently by the cosmic significance of her mission to save her people. She has become stronger and more determined then previous while never losing sight of the things that made life so important to her in the first place. She wants nothing more then to defeat the Armada and save her people so that she can have the terrible burden placed on her shoulders removed. As a Transformer and a human, loved Optimus Prime dearly for his strength and unflinching resolve and has modeled herself after his example as best she can even though she secretly doesn’t always feel up to the standard he set.

Abilities:  Sunfire has several powers, the full extent of which has not been defined. However, she has demonstrated telekinesis, telepathy, flight and energy blasts in the past. She was also able to transport a Masters vessel into the inter-dimensional void to illustrate their waiting enemy. Additionally, she has had vast knowledge imparted into her brain, including knowledge of the Masters themselves as well as the enemy Armada and other details of cosmic import.