Function: Commander
Sub-Group:  None
First Appearance: Transformers #1 (Marvel US series); current form, BOP #26

Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies
Profile:  Ruthless, cold blooded, cruel...  He believes the Decepticons should rely more on guile and speed rather than brute force to defeat their enemies. A master manipulator and born opportunist, Starscream seeks power and glory. To that end, has always sought to eliminate Megatron and replace him as leader of the Decepticon faction.
    The original Starscream was critically injured in the Autobot City battle of 2010. His remains would be salvaged and rebuilt as a female form Headmaster and bonded with the human Gwen Piterson. Gwen initially bonded with the Headmaster body to pursue and rescue her former boss, Matt Kirkby from his own Headmaster form, Talon. However, Starscream was quick to realize he could manipulate her to his own ends, supplanting her will with his own and forcing her to do his bidding, however amoral.
    During his time as a female, he hacked into Megatron’s secret log files and discovered that the Decepticon leader had been resurrected by mysterious alien benefactors. Seeking them out, Starscream was told they were displeased with Megatron’s disobedience and would furnish him with a more powerful body, a ship and troops to command if he swore loyalty and promised to eliminate Megatron. He gladly accepted and was given a new form. However, he retained Gwen as a separate entity, still at his mercy thanks to their former binary bonded connection. He appears to have developed some sort of twisted fixation on his partner, deciding she was of more use to him alive then dead.
    Starscream is now determined to destroy Megatron and assume command of the Decepticons. He secretly doesn’t trust his new masters any more then Megatron did before him. However, he was more then willing to accept their power for his own ends.

Abilities:  His newest form is his most powerful ever. He has claimed to possess as much strength and firepower as Megatron himself although this remains to be verified.
    Transforms into a highly advanced space fighter and an artillery cannon as well as his standard bi-pedal mode.
    In fighter mode he is capable of hyper spatial travel as well as extreme maneuverability in both atmospheric and space combat situations. Possesses photon bursts, missiles and advanced energy weapon systems as well as heightened shielding systems. In cannon mode, is capable of channeling high amounts of proto-fusion energy through him. His limits in this mode have yet to be determined although they are presumably quite high, making him extremely dangerous.
    In robot mode, has far more physical strength then ever before as well as thick armor, making him a tough opponent to defeat in one-on-one combat. Also possesses a more advanced sword then before, which appears to be able to slice through just about any substance. Also has an arm mounted proto-fusion dual-cannon on his left arm, which he can use to eliminate opposition swiftly.

Strength: 10           Speed: 10
Endurance: 10        Rank: 10
Courage: 8              Skill: 10
Intelligence: 9         Firepower: 10