Function: Ground Assault
Sub-Group: Dinobots
First Appearance: TF: BOP #20

Diplomacy may fail, but force always works

Profile:  Created as a second generation addition to the Dinobots, Skeer and his brother Skreem quickly became replacements for the original Dinobots when three of the original members were slain or went missing.
    A true Dinobot, Skeer likes shooting first and asking questions when everyone else is dead. It's not that he's a few diodes short of a board, merely that he understands the value of blunt force over the murkiness of politics. He doesn't trust the Decepticons and believes there will never be any peace between their two factions until one side has eradicated the other. A realist, he fits in well with the other Dinobots, unlike his brother Skreem.
    Despite their philosophical differences, Skeer is close to his brother Skreem and would loyally defend him as he would Sludge and Snarl.
    A fierce warrior and loyal Autobot, Skeer would gladly go down fighting if it meant protecting his Autobot brethren or preserving their ideals.

Abilities:  Transforms into a Nodosaurus. Is slower in dinosaur mode but powerful and heavily armored. Few of his enemies can pierce his armoring and even fewer can stand up to his strength and the force of his tail.
    In robot mode, Skeer is fast and agile. His primary weapon is his tail mace, which is composed of Dutrillium. He also has a dual barrelled rifle that switches between armor piercing rounds or photon bursts.

Strength: 7               Speed: 5
Endurance: 6           Rank: 3
Courage: 7              Skill: 6
Intelligence: 5         Firepower: 6