Function: Head of Intelligence
Sub-Group: None
First Appearance: BOP #19          
The more you know, the stronger you become

Profile:  Believes knowledge is power. Keeps to himself and endeavors to learn all he can while preventing anyone from getting too close. Revels in his position as Head of Intelligence on Oberon, thinks that the security of the facility is his sole responsibility and works hard to keep the place safe.
    The recent revelations of Autobot spies in their midst has made him secretly feel like a bit of failure but ultimately he knows that he has to work harder to keep his fellow Autobots safe.

Abilities:  Transforms into a XTW 9965 Cybertronian hovercraft. Has a top speed of 850 MPH and compliment of standard energy weapons and projectiles. Equipped with sophisticated camouflage systems to allow him to slip in and out of enemy territory undetected as well as surveillance jamming equipment.
    Has standard photon rifle in robot form as well shoulder mounted harmonic cannons that can pulverize solid rock or steel.

Strength: 6         Speed: 6
Endurance: 7     Rank: 7
Courage: 7         Skill: 7
Intelligence: 7    Firepower: 5