Function: None
Sub-Group: None
First Appearance: Transformers #68 (Marvel US series)

Beauty is merely a disguise for fear and darkness.

Profile:  Katrina “Rapture” Vesotzky was born different then most of her fellow humans–unlike them, she had the power of telepathy. Confused, cast out and rejected, she spent many of her years moving from place to place on Earth, scrounging a living before G.B. Blackrock located her and convinced her to use her powers for good as part of his Neo Knights team. Together with Circuit Breaker, Dynamo and Thunderpunch, Rapture undertook several missions for Blackrock where they went up against the Transformers. On their final mission, Bludgeon killed Dynamo and with Circuit Breaker already being out of commission (having been committed to an institution in the wake of the Unicron War) Rapture and Thunderpunch decided to disband and go their own ways.
    Thanks to the Autobots, Rapture the galaxy at large for some time before somehow encountering the Masters and discovering an immediate kinship with them. With the guiding influence of Avatar Prime, she was encouraged to further develop her powers and came to see them as a great gift instead of the curse she’d believed them to be. With Avatar’s recent passing, Rapture feels as if she has lost kin and has become determined to carry on his stead, to help Sunfire accomplish her goal at any cost.
    Rapture has traditionally been a recluse and an outcast. With her joining the Masters, she has started to appreciate the universe around her and truly open up to life. Whether or not Avatar’s recent death will affect her emotional growth remains to be seen.

Abilities:  Rapture is an evolutionary throwback to a time when humanity (recently returned from exile in deep space) still possessed telepathy. Together with the Masters, she has been given further gene therapy and training to help her powers mature further, making her closer to equal with her new found kin. The therapy has also had the benefits of slowing her aging and improving her overall physiology–she is no longer susceptible to common diseases or conditions such as cancer. Her mental and physical reflexes have also been increased greatly over a common Earth-born Human.