Into The Unknown

The river flows
Past to present
and beyond
Around the bend, the unknown future

No one knows
the unseen occurance
The fires waiting to be lit
or extinguished at whim

Where will I go?
What will I do?
Will I love?
Or shall I die, alone and bitter?

The questions unending
The fear recurrant
In this life,
is anything for certain?

What makes a man,
riches, power, glory?
Or the simple things,
love, justice, joy?

Ready or not,
the future beckons
Fantasy's time is long past
We must now face the brutal reality

on a sea of possibilities
with no momentum
No hope

Watch, as others pass you by
Will you watch with envy
as they embrace the unknown?
Or take your place among them?

Leap to action
Take the plunge
The power is within
Don't fear it--embrace it!

To fear it
To accept it
The future is now
Time will not be denied

- Tony Klepack, 1997