The Balance

Sadness, desolation beyond measure
Lifeless, dull, grey
Barren and empty
Missing the sun.

A drop of rain trickles into the cracked earth
The sun returns, warming the soul
Suddenly, the other is there
Life sparkles and things come alive.

The energy is in the air
An unspoken connection, a symbiosis
Between the earth and the sun
The one and the other.

Each alone is for naught
Pieces of a puzzle in disarray
A fire waiting to be lit
Clay waiting to be molded.

When the two mix, something new is born
A partnership of eternal love
The ultimate balance, the best of each
The balance, nature's way.

Spring is in the air
What has been yoked together,
Let no man tear asunder
An affair of the heart.

The one and the other
The earth and the sun
The man and the woman
The partnership forged from love.

- Tony Klepack, 1996