For the first time in print, The Places In-Between: A Collection of Short Tales! Eight short stories by the author of The Light Odyssey. Experience the thrill of being an intergalactic bounty hunter or find terror in a secret encounter with extraterrestrial life forms. Run across an inhospitable alien desert to claim the most important prize or encounter the person of your dreams in a downtown delicatessen. Find your calling in servitude to your alien Queen. Discover the dark secrets the women that you love keep and find the strength to endure when old love returns to your shattered life.

Each volume is 216 pages in paperback form and costs a mere $10.61 (the ebook version is only $5!)
Intended for a mature audience 18+. (Some minor sexual content).

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The volume contains the following stories:

Running the Race - A man races through the desert to earn the right to gain a mate. But can he survive the harsh temperature and other perils that await him?

Not Quite Perfection - Andrew is a man with a troubled past. He's come to Maximo station, the farthest place in humanity's interstellar empire to escape his problems. But he will soon find they've come knocking and he must find the strength to deal with a love lost...

Seeking the Source - Peter Hunt is a man with a problem. His last novel was a massive hit with the reading public--but now he has to try and follow it up. And his imagination refuses to cooperate! A local mystery will lead him to something bigger then he could ever imagine and either resolve his problem--or kill him.

The Prize - Lisa Strauss is a nice girl, with one little problem: she's a vampire! But the unsuspecting Vincent couldn't possibly realize that when he encounters this beautiful woman at the library one day. Now that she's set her sights on him, can he escape? And given what she can do for him, should he even try?

A Matter of Servitude - Skot is a perpetual screw-up. He's never done anything right in his life. Worse off, he's somehow bumbled his way into service of the Warrior Tariel. Can he mend his ways or will he fall victim to her wrath--a being that is said to drink the very life blood of her enemies?

The Calling - Jorr Rhys is a bounty hunter, one of the best in the twin systems, in fact. When he's called upon to locate and retrieve the heir to Smeeth Interstellar's vast empire, he ends up in a all-out death race to the finish. Derron Smeeth has located something very special--a new technology that could change the very fabric of their culture. Or destroy it.

Dance with the Leopard - Paul's down on his luck. His wife divorced him and every day is a living hell from which there's no reprieve. That is, until he meets Vicki. She's young, beautiful and works by night as a stripper. Everything seems fine but Vicki is hiding a dark secret that could threaten everything he holds dear.

Dreams and Perfection - Matt meets his dream girl through an online dating service. Literally, the woman he's dreamed of all his life walks into his life and the two must discover what it is that binds them before things go too far.

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