Inhabitants: Autobots
Population: Unknown
First Appearance: TF:BOP #7

Several years ago, after the apparent end of the Great War, the Autobots settled into a life of peace on Cybertron. There, all thoughts of conflict were soon abandoned. However, Optimus Prime was not thorougly convinced his long-time enemies were gone for good and sensing they may one day return, he ordered several top officers in secret to construct a base to serve as a combination weapons storehouse, staging ground, archive, and fallback should Cybertron ever be assaulted by the Decepticons and the Autobots lose control of it. The base was eventually constructed inside a small planetoid that was hollowed out in areas for construction. Optimus Prime put Grid Iron, a long time friend who had served on Cybetron under Emirate Xaaron during Prime's absence, in charge of overall base. The base possesses many new weapons, technology and warriors who were created with the thought in mind that the war was not yet over. Only certain top officers knew of Oberon's existence--the general populace of Cybertron and Autobot City did not. As to why Oberon did not help Cybertron or Earth during the recent Autobot invasions has not yet been established.