Militant Prime
Function: Military Commander
Sub-Group: The Circle of Primes
First Appearance: BOP #12

Eternal vigilance is the best defense.

Profile:  The second longest serving member of the Circle of Primes, Militant Prime takes his job extremely seriously. The security of the Masters is his life and he will stop at nothing to ensure that his people are protected from danger, both external and internal alike. Believes wholeheartedly in his people’s agenda to destroy their dreaded ancient enemy, the Mechs, and was not one of those Primes whom supported Sunfire’s bid to unify them with the Transformers against the Armada. However, he is no fool and recognized the threat the Armada posed to his people. Additionally, he had known Avatar Prime for decades and respected his wisdom and perspective so he ceded to Avatar’s wishes to unify their people with the Transformers despite his contrary viewpoint.
    Had he not been bred and selected from birth to replace the previous Militant Prime, would’ve likely been an artist or a scientist. Has a keen mind, able to see patterns others cannot–which makes him an excellent strategist. Finds beauty in the most unlikely places–appreciates the splendor of the universe around him. Despite these contrary sensations is dedicated to his job as the military commander of his people and would never abandon it for some foolish whimsy. Smart, efficient and often temperamental.

Abilities:  Like all of the Masters, Militant Prime is an advanced human being with mental abilities far beyond that of a normal human life form. His powers include telepathy as well as swifter reasoning skills, physical reactions and enhanced senses. With the addition of his Armor, he also gained access to telekinesis, flight and energy attacks that can cripple a typical Transformer exposed to it. The more Masters that are in proximity to one another, the stronger the energy attacks can become.
    Lost his left eye in the original battle with the Disciples of Primus. The eye was cloned and replaced with the Masters technology. Decided to keep the scar as reminder of the consequences of losing their Jihad against the Mechs (consequently redesigned his helmet to have more facial protection as well).