Function:  Assassin (formerly)
Sub-Group:  None

"Across the Universe, across all time and space--behold the symphony of life and death...!"

Profile:  The phrase "what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger" almost rings true for Midnight--except that he DID die, and became far more powerful than before in life.  As a high-ranking officer in Megatron's Empire, Midnight was respected and feared for his vicious cunning and relish for pain and suffering--combined with cool efficiency and precision.  His primary purpose to Megatron was as an agent of death and revenge--an invisible, soundless killer.  At this, he had no equal.  His luck and skill ran out, however, upon a violent encounter with an etheral being enraged.  His death ended his existence in that particular Universe...
    However, Midnight could never had dreamed that his life was a study of one of the ancient Triad--the three ultimate elder gods that were older than all things--the God of Time: Tarallax.  His spark was pulled from the Void at the brink of death, and reborn as a servent of this mighty entity.
    As such, Midnight received incredible power--and more importantly to him, access to Tarallax's extensive technology of Time monitoring and manipulation.  Midnight has used such resources both to his master's will--and his own personal interests.
    Midnight's original, "artistic" lust for blood and death has matured, in a fashion; since one of the first actions taken with his new abilities was to return to his own Universe, and witness his own death--of all the ends he has caused or witnessed, due to the sheer extremity of his own suffering in his own demise, he lives in awe of his original death.  To him, it's the most beautiful death he has ever seen.

Abilities:  Midnight retains all of his original speed and dexterity in his dragon mode, which is his primary form.  His armour is however far lighter and denser, hence, nearly impenetrable.  His claws, teeth and spines are razor-sharp and can effortlessly shred most metals.  He also sports concealed laser cannons in the joints of his wings.
    Midnight possesses a cloaking ability that renders him undetectable optically and instrumentally.  This, perhaps, is his most dangerous tool.
    In addition to these abilities, which he "carried over" from his original form, Midnight has gained some bizarre and fearsome powers as a servant of his new master.  He can channel a sort of "dark energy" which is highly disruptive to electronic devices--especially living mechanoids.  He can also form this energy into electrically charged bolts of destructive force.  This power comes at a dark price--as a reborn servant of Tarallax, he cannot burn normal fuel.  Instead, he must drain electrical life energy from other sources directly to survive, using his dark power as a conduit--the best sources, unsurprisingly, are other living mechanoids.
    In further addition to all of this, Midnight has modified his circuitry to enable the ability to shift his position in time and space at will; the range of his time-shift being infinite, while the range of his space-shift being far more limited, mainly serving only to account for the movement of celestial bodies.  This ability was arranged by himself alone, using Tarallax's technology--Tarallax did not grant it willingly to his new servant.
    In Space-pod mode, Midnight cannot reach Hyperspace--he uses this mode to "hitch a ride" on larger vessels undetected.  With the powers and abilities he has gained of late, however, this mode is far less useful to him.
    Obviously, Midnight has become more than a match for any single living Cybertronian.

Strength: 6                        Speed: 10
Endurance: 10                   Rank: (n/a)
Courage: 5                        Skill: 10
Intelligence: 9                   Firepower: 7


Profile by Thomas Zavier

(Children of the Void)

(BOP Archive)