Function: Assassin/Tactical Advisor
Sub-group: None
First Appearance: TF: Balance of Power #6

    Death is an art, blood is the paint.

Profile:  Black as night, loud as silence, covered in razor-sharp blades with an excessive overbite... Midnight is possibly the most sinister and unpleasant Decepticon ever created. He is cruel and cunning, and is perfectly suited to his profession--he has no true loyalties, except those of convenience. Midnight views killing and hunting as an art--and stalks his prey with that in mind. He is obsessively thorough--his track record is spotless. He views himself as an artist first, above all other things...and his victims are his palette. Woe to he that is targetted as his next "masterpiece."

Abilites:  Midnight sports a full array blades, talons, and teeth, and can shred an opponent to ribbons with little effort. He is also armed with wing-mounted laser cannons (in dragon mode).  He transforms into a Cybertronian class X-7 Hyperpod, a small spacecraft equipped with a Hyperdrive. In this mode, he can "hitch rides" by magnetically attaching himself to other spacecraft.  He is equipped with a cloaking device that renders him almost entirely undetectable (he can use this ability in either mode). Perhaps his most devastating weapon is his ability to "breathe fire" by exhaling a plasma-energy substance that will incinerate most metals on contact.

Strength: 6             Speed: 8
Endurance: 8         Rank: 8
Courage: 6            Skill: 10
Intelligence: 9        Firepower: 7



Profile by Thomas Zavier