Function: Unknown
Sub-Group: None
First Appearance: TF: Balance of Power #6

Data is the cornerstone of existence

History:  When the Ark crashed on Earth in 1991, the remaining Nucleon began seeping into the ship's computer systems and eventually, into Teletran-1, the ship's master computer. Over seven years, the computer began gaining sentience and it eventually developed a body so it could defend itself and explore the world around it.  It spent years monitoring the Earth's culture from the Ark's ruins, awaiting the day the Autobots would return. When they did, Mainframe joined them in getting one of the Ark's old shuttles working. 

Profile:  A living computer. Mainframe thinks in pure logic and lives to assimilate new data. He is the most intelligent Autobot alive. Few understand his quest for knowledge--he has no hobbies or interests other than learning new things. He wishes to truly understand his new reality and feels learning all he can about it is the best way. Who can argue with logic like that?

Abilities:  Mainframe is not a typical Transformer. He is a living computer program of energy that inhabits a robotic shell. If so desired, he can leave his body and enter a computer system or change the molecular bonds of another computer or his own body and make them into whatever he desires.  Has no actual alternate mode, but his powers more than compensate for that.  Has two quad-zillion byte memory core, making him the most intelligent and memory powerful Transformer in existence.  Has twin-barrelled photon rifle in robot mode.

Strength: 5               Speed: 2             Intelligence: 10
Endurance: 5            Rank: 5              Firepower: 6
Courage: 7               Skill:  7


Profile by Tony Klepack