This is a new section devoted to a couple of planned Transformers comic projects that will never happen. One was intended to be a fan comic that showcased my art skills for all to see. After writing the script and doing nothing with it for a year, I've decided to just post it here. The other was a comic proposal to IDW Publishing--unfortunately, they decided to reject it and I don't feel like putting all the effort into drawing all four issues up so a handful of people might discover it at some later date. (From this point forward, I intend to concentrate on non-licensed, original properties in the hopes of getting professionally published. Additionally, my interest in Transformers has been waning for a long time now--especially since none of the official medias have been interesting enough to retain my attention any more).

If you read these scripts and like them--or hate them, for that matter--feel free to send me feedback. My email address is tkphoton at hotmaildotcom.

Rejected by IDW Presents... Transformers: Evolutions. Flesh and Steel

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Comic Manuscript

(Story idea for this one was by Thomas Zavier and myself. I wrote the script).


Transformers: Legacy of Darkness

Comic Manuscript