Function: Reconnaissance
Sub-Group: None
First Appearance: TF: Balance of Power #1

Kill with cruelty, or don't kill at all!

Profile:  Lightning is insane. He possesses a truly evil and twisted mind, and will attack with a malice and viciousness unmatched by his fellow Decepticons. His insanity isn't a problem to him; he revels in it.  He is extremely intelligent, even charming at times.  He was originally an Autobot scientist; but he suddenly turned against his fellow Autobots and, after slaughtering as many of them as he could, defected to the Decepticon cause. He now derives great pleasure from murdering his former friends... and the more pain he can inflict upon them before he kills them, the more he enjoys it!

Abilities:  Lightning has extremely acute and heightened sense. His eyesight and hearing seem to be virtually unlimited and always very accurate. He can sense even the slightest changes in temperature and air pressure.  In robot mode, he is very quick and agile; but not too strong. His movements are soundless. He uses a simple laser pistol as a weapon.  In aircraft mode, he is unusually fast and maneuverable. His engines make almost no noise and he is armed with two wing-mounted laser cannons. He can reach light speed for short periods of time and is therefore capable of short-range space travel.  Lightning's entire fuel system is based on electricity and he cannot use conventional energon. He can absorb electrical  energy from almost any source and his favorite method is to fly through thunderstorm clouds and drain them of their electrical energy as he passes by.
    Lightning's control over electricity gives him a multitude of unusual powers... He can shoot electricity out from his fingertips, frying an unsuspecting opponent. He can envelope himself, or other objects, in specialized electric fields; which interfere with monitoring devices and/or allow him to pass through certain force fields. He also has the unique ability to disrupt the electrical synapses in other mechanoids' cerebro-circuitry, causing them extreme pain. This Decepticon's only weakness is that his heightened senses, along with using pure electricity as fuel, makes him a little skittish sometimes; or causes him to experience violent mood swings.



   Profile by Tom Zavier